David Waldrop Interiors, a reputable interior design firm headquartered in Abilene, Texas, delivers a comprehensive suite of design solutions spanning both residential and commercial spheres. Specializing in luxury designs that encompass total home remodels, singular room updates, innovative office spaces, and detailed design accessorizing, the firm ensures a meticulously crafted ambiance tailored to the distinct tastes and preferences of each client. Our practices extend to various locations, meticulously catering to the diverse and specific design needs across Texas, with a prominent presence in cities including Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, ensuring that quintessential design elegance is accessible to a broad spectrum of clientele across the state.


Corgan, an esteemed, employee-owned design firm, prides itself on sculpting environments that meld functional, technical, and aesthetic mastery through a detailed-oriented approach to both structure and space. With a comprehensive suite of services that encompass visionary architectural design, interior detailing, and research-driven spatial optimization, the firm is steadfast in delivering unparalleled user experiences across various sectors, including corporate, aviation, critical facilities, healthcare, and education, among others. Offering services through its various locations, Corgan has substantiated its presence in key cities across the United States, including Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, committing to bring architectural finesse and innovative design solutions to a myriad of clients and projects nationwide.


Parkhill, a multifaceted architecture and engineering firm founded in 1945, is renowned for providing comprehensive services and innovative solutions across an array of sectors. The firm excels in a broad spectrum of practices, including but not limited to, architectural design, civil engineering, environmental and sustainability consulting, landscape architecture, planning, and various specialized engineering disciplines such as structural, mechanical, and electrical. Parkhill proudly serves communities across numerous locations, with offices situated in Abilene, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Frisco, Lubbock, Midland, Norman, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Woodward, ensuring a blend of local insight and extensive expertise is brought to every project undertaken.


Andrews Furniture, established in 1955 in Abilene, Texas, by E.H. Andrews, has forged a reputation for offering a broad and quality assortment of furniture spanning various categories, ensuring customers have access to contemporary, stylish, and durable products. Their comprehensive offerings encompass furniture for the Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Home Office, and Outdoor spaces, as well as Mattresses and various Accessories. The company prides itself on offering a meticulous selection from leading brands such as Bassett, Bernhardt, La-Z-Boy, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company, and many more, ensuring the availability of a diverse and quality range. Andrews Furniture extends its services and products to customers from its physical location at 2300 North 1st Street, Abilene, Texas 79603, ensuring that the legacy of delivering quality products, paired with exceptional service, remains steadfast.


BH Drafting, based in Lubbock, Texas, is an architectural design firm with over two decades of excellence in the design industry, composed of a diverse team of architects, interior designers, technicians, and visionaries, including the noteworthy contributions of individuals such as Blake Hayes, Candice Hayes, Tyler Zalmanzig, Alex Erbe, Peyton Goar, Hayden Harris, Josh Allen, Anna McAnelly, and Jake Aldape. The firm provides a multifaceted approach to architectural design, traversing various types of projects and contributing their expertise to both commercial and residential initiatives. The breadth of their practice involves working closely with markets in numerous areas around Texas, notably Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, Odessa, and Midland. Enquiries and collaborations are facilitated through their physical office located at 6909 82nd Street, Suite #300, Lubbock, Texas 79424


Lucas and Rebecca Gibbs, a dynamic design and building duo based in Abilene, Texas, have woven a decade of rich experience into their flourishing company, marked by a distinct blend of insightful, fresh, and grounded design philosophy. Rebecca, a Registered Interior Designer through the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, has been elevating spaces since 2008, bringing a nuanced amalgamation of styles to each unique project. Lucas not only provides invaluable, honest coordination in the intricate home-building process but also lends his expertise as a finish carpenter to ensure top-notch quality and custom detailing in cabinetry and millwork. Armed with a Masters in Sustainable Building Practices and a LEED AP accreditation in Residential Design, he is fervently dedicated to constructing homes that seamlessly blend longevity with sustainable practices. Their synergistic approach has manifested in a company that guides clients through a seamless journey of designing and building homes from inception to completion, all while being rooted in the West Texas community of Abilene. Both Lucas and Rebecca are alumni of Abilene Christian University, with studies spanning Pre-Architecture, Interior Design, Architecture History, and Business Management, and they continue to shape and be inspired by their community, alongside their four sons: Brock, Grayson, Forrest, and Silas. Their work has not gone unnoticed, garnering attention in publications such as Domino in December 2020 and contributing to the aesthetic and structural beauty of homes in Abilene.


Kelle Contine Interior Design (kc|ID), based in Austin, is driven by a talented team of designers and coordinators with a vibrant mix of experiences and passion for the art and science of interior design. They undertake various projects, managing all stages from conception through construction and installation, with a client-focused approach. The team, led by Kelle, ensures that the firm’s output is innovative, unique, and intricately tailored to meet client’s needs and aesthetic preferences.

  1. Kelle Contine – Owner | Principal Designer
    • 20+ years of experience, former Lead Designer at PPDS.
    • Recognized LSU’s outstanding senior, College of Design.
  2. Erin Judge – Studio Director | Senior Designer
    • With the firm since 2011, managing various projects and leading the studio’s operational endeavors.
    • A long-standing member of IIDA Texas-Oklahoma Chapter.
  3. Nicki Pérez-Cerday – Creative Director | Senior Designer
    • A leader at kc|ID since 2012, focusing on innovation and originality in designs.
    • Previous experience in high-end residential and hospitality projects in Los Angeles and Austin.
  4. Kemberly Reyes – Project Designer
    • 6 years of experience in student housing and high-end mixed-use projects.
    • Worked internationally in Barcelona, Spain, and Melbourne, Australia.
  5. Lauren Fricke – Junior Designer
    • Honors graduate from the University of Louisiana, and a Design Excellence award recipient.
    • Enthusiastic about innovative design approaches and passionate about integrating nature into her creativity.
  6. Mackenzie Lewis – Design Assistant | Studio Coordinator
    • Bachelor of Environmental Design/Architecture Studies from Texas A&M University.
    • Brought technical architectural experience and a passion for interiors.
  7. Elizabeth Billingsley – Design Assistant | Studio Coordinator
    • Graduated in 2007, and has diverse experience including running her garment design company.
    • Inspired by travels through England and has a rich family background in the design/build industry.
  8. Hannah Jacobs – Marketing Coordinator
    • Brings Client Services and Marketing expertise, managing kc|ID’s online presence and marketing strategies.
    • A foodie who enjoys exploring new dining spots in Austin.
  9. Joanna Ward – Procurement Manager
    • Combines her project management skills with a love for numbers and spreadsheets.
    • Appreciates the artistry in the design process while focusing on procurement practicalities.
  10. Summer Day-Eissler – Purchasing Coordinator
    • BA in Communication and has a rich background in event planning.
    • Enjoys managing vendor communication and coordination tasks with a meticulous approach.


SmithGroup, a renowned architecture firm established in 1853, has seamlessly blended tradition and innovation through its rich 170-year history. Originating from the visionary endeavors of founder Sheldon Smith, the firm has robustly expanded its footprint across the globe, ensuring a sustained impact through architectural excellence in various sectors including Cultural, Government, Health, Higher Education, Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Residential, Science and Technology, Senior Living, Urban Environments, Waterfront, and Workplace markets. SmithGroup takes pride in its widespread presence through 20 strategic locations across numerous states and cities including [list states and cities here], thereby orchestrating a symphony of global designs deeply rooted in local relevance and expertise. Leveraging a diverse team of experts, the firm steadfastly commits to creating architectural marvels that balance avant-garde imagination, incisive innovation, and paramount technical excellence, invariably shaping skylines and communities for future generations.


Lauren Lowry, the multifaceted founder of Lauren Lowry Interior Design, embarked on her journey into the realm of design and real estate with a raw, hands-on experience, refurbishing a 100-year-old fixer-upper into a charming, valuable property alongside her husband. Situated in Texas, her firm specializes in the intricacies of vacation rental and short-term interior design, marrying the robustness of her Texas roots with the refined elegance stemming from a French heritage in her stylings. Grounded by a rich history of transforming various spaces from residential to professional offices and everything in between, Lauren applies her “Midas touch” to bring spaces not only aesthetic beauty but also vibrancy and soul, especially evident in her focus towards creating short-term rentals that go beyond mere accommodation to become experiences that host memories, comfort, and authentic selves of its occupants. Lauren’s holistic approach encompasses the entirety of the design process, from envisioning to sourcing, installing, and launching, assuring not just an inspired design but also one that catalyzes successful, thriving rental businesses for property owners and investors.


Marilyn Crockett, a Texas native and an interior designer based in Abilene, harmoniously blends timeless design with a notable penchant for blue and white aesthetics. A graduate from Abilene Christian University, Marilyn holds a degree in interior design and a minor in business administration, and fluently navigates through two languages that have played influential roles in her life and designs. Despite her youth, Marilyn gained early professional experience, having worked in the field of interior design for three years, in various capacities with different designers and a construction company. Her career will soon extend to her role as a designer for Oak Street Shoppe, a forthcoming brick and mortar store slated to open in Abilene in 2023. Marilyn finds her design inspiration broadly, appreciating the narratives and creations of the past and weaving them into her modern interpretations. When away from the drawing board, she immerses herself in capturing scenic inspirations through photography during her travels, delves into the rich histories of old architectural styles, and keeps abreast of fashion trends, all while enjoying her personal life with her husband, Seth, and their cherished dog. Through her work, Marilyn demonstrates not just a capacity to create aesthetic spaces but to ensure they resonate with historical and personal elements, curating designs that are not only visually appealing but also rich in story and context.


CADCO Architects & Engineers, stationed in Abilene, Texas since its foundation in 1980, radiates a staunch commitment to elevating student achievement through adept, research-informed architectural design. With a rich tapestry of over 40 years in the architectural and engineering design domain, CADCO, while initially focused on various project types including educational facilities, sports complexes, commercial spaces, and non-profit institutions, has molded itself into a notably proficient medium-sized firm, capable of competing with significantly larger entities. Their specialized approach ensures that regardless of a project’s scale, type, or financial reach, an equivalent degree of focus and personalized attention is guaranteed, with a dedicated project manager steering the course from initial design through to post-completion. The company, under the principled leadership of Founder and CEO, Chuck Doby, P.E., and President W. Richard Rogers, AIA, has persistently delivered both inventive and functional facilities, judiciously nested within fiscal boundaries, thereby aligning with the divergent needs of their clientele. While 85% of CADCO’s undertakings are solidly anchored in educational projects, their philosophy is entrenched in not only designing buildings but meticulously constructing relationships, pivoting their operations around a client-centered philosophy and transparent communication, affirming the adage that they don’t just design buildings, but build enduring relationships.


Dawn Hearn Interior Design, LLC, spearheaded by the distinguished Dawn Frank Hearn, a Texas Registered Interior Designer (#9501), has been a beacon of innovative interior design in the Austin area since 1993. The firm, deeply rooted in a rich educational and experiential background, including a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Abilene Christian University, specializes in a wide array of design practices, ensuring tailored, client-focused solutions across every project. Throughout the years, our practices have been recognized and awarded both on local and national platforms, with notable mentions and features in Texas Home & Living, Austin American Statesman, and Southern Living Room-by-Room Makeovers, among others. Moreover, our proven expertise isn’t just validated by awards and media but is also highlighted in our meticulous work, which spans various spectrums of interior design, from residential to commercial projects, remodeling, and specialized holiday decorating endeavors. While our headquarters is nested in Austin, Texas, our influence and projects permeate throughout the state, delivering quintessential design services that marry functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.


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