As a designer, Diane believes that our living spaces should reflect the unique blend of taste, culture, and experiences that define us. Her passion lies in helping clients create not only visually pleasing environments but also spaces that are accessible and resonate with their individual personalities. By skillfully combining colors, materials, textures, furnishings, lighting, and textiles, Diane crafts harmonious arrangements that enrich the mood and ambiance of each space and is dedicated to transforming homes into beloved spaces that are both beautiful and practical and genuinely feel like Home.

My mission is to create spaces celebrating what you love and who you are. I’m passionate about making interior design both accessible, affordable and enjoyable.

Nu Interiors is a holistic thinking, purpose driven design studio that believes in collaboration and emotionally intelligent design practices. Nu Interiors creates designs for our clients that are not only thoughtful, functional, and transparent but also socially and emotionally conscientious. We believe that a well-thought, well-designed space is for everyone and we are on a mission to make a difference in people’s homes—and their lives—one client at a time.

JBD specializes in creating curated spaces with the thoughtful use of color and mixed materials. Bespoke furnishings, lighting, and a wide variety of global sources and local artisans help bring together these custom-tailored spaces. Though design work has both challenges and demands, we believe it should also be fun- and not to take ourselves too seriously. A portion of our profit supports the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to help people of all circumstances that need our support. JBD is a proud sponsor of the NEWH San Francisco Chapter.

Synthesis Interiors & Color is a full-service interior design and color consulting firm based in Oakland, CA with a focus on green principles, practices and materials. We take a holistic approach to our work, engaging clients in a joyful, collaborative process that balances form, function, and sustainability. We see our role as change-makers and leaders in the community, supporting choices made in light of their social and environmental impact.

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