We are passionate about designing and manufacturing the highest quality custom draperies, bedding, and soft furnishings in McAllen, Texas.


The Pink Casa started off as a design concept for my home in Salt Lake. I was missing home in south Texas and wanted to bring in my culture & roots to my design. It has evolved now into a physical space, transforming my childhood home into The Pink Casa. A space to stay, play & be inspired by the design and color.


Structure LLC’s roots began to take hold long before the actual concept of the business was envisioned. In fact, the name itself- Structure, is symbolic not only in the sense of representing the final product we produce, but it also symbolizes the family structure and values taught to us by our hardworking parents. ​We constantly innovate new design concepts incorporating flexibility, new technology and leading edge design. The guide’s goal is to create built environments for our clients that provide longer life cycles, higher return on investment and more human environments.


Based in Allende, Nuevo León, México and with our American company, D’Lazari Designer, LLC was born in 2012 and arises from the need to offer our clients a more personalized design and product, instead of just a piece of furniture. We are authorized distributors of American manufactured products of different brands, such as: bar benches, seating, occasional furniture, accessories including: mirrors, lamps, rugs and different accessories which we sell in the American market and export to México. In addition, we are distributors of PVC windows with double glass and argon gas.


The space where you live is more than just a house – It’s your home! That is why Treviño Construction creates tailored home designs that best fit you. We bring a fresh perspective of design and pursuit of innovation that gives each client a unique and personalized experience. Built with high-end materials and exquisite finishes, these incredible designs, once made into beautiful reality, allow you to relax in a luxury home specifically built for your lifestyle.


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