Hope Decker Design Company

Hope Decker Design, based in Everett, WA, is spearheaded by Pacific Northwest Interior Designer Hope Decker, who specializes in various aspects of decor. The company prides itself on capturing both the essence of the space and the heart of the client, tailoring designs to each client’s unique aesthetic preferences for their home or workspace. Serving King, Snohomish, and Skagit counties, they handle projects of all sizes, from minor kitchen revamps to comprehensive home additions. The website also features a blog with posts about kitchen upgrades and home transformations for pet owners.


Dykeman is a design firm that infuses life and creativity into everyday environments through its distinctive and uncommon design approaches. The firm boasts expertise in architecture, interiors, and graphic design, offering these services either individually or collectively to inform strategy, inspire imagination, and enhance the visions of their clients and communities. Their multi-disciplinary team, consisting of creative, collaborative, and engaging design professionals, fosters an open and inclusive environment, encouraging everyone to voice their opinions and contribute. Dykeman establishes and maintains both exciting new partnerships and trusted, long-standing relationships through proactive communication and partnership, all grounded in mutual respect.

BCRA Design

BCRA Design, with offices in Tacoma and Spokane, WA, is a comprehensive design firm that showcases a wide array of projects across various domains such as community & arts, education, healthcare, multifamily residential, parks & recreation, public works, retail & hospitality, and workplace design. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, each categorized under various specialties like architecture, experiential environments, interior design, landscape architecture, and civil engineering, among others. From schools and healthcare facilities to residential and public works, BCRA demonstrates a broad spectrum of design expertise, providing solutions that encompass both aesthetic and functional elements in various locations like Washington, Texas, Oregon, and California.

Capital Architects

Capital Architects Group PC, established in 2001 and based in Everett, Washington, provides a full array of Architecture & Engineering (A&E) services across a wide variety of project types and to a diverse clientele. The firm has a broad focus, which includes commercial projects ranging from tenant improvements to new constructions, historic preservation involving repairs, maintenance, and adaptive re-use of historic buildings, architectural interiors, and architectural innovation, where they partner with other companies to bring design expertise to new ventures. Their portfolio spans across commercial, historic preservation, residential architectural interiors, and architectural innovation projects, demonstrating their capability to handle various building type challenges. The team at Capital Architects is committed to staying abreast of the latest technologies and innovations in construction, as well as current jurisdictional codes and requirements, ensuring that their clients benefit from potential cost-savings and overall relevance to the quality and functionality of the building.


Teague is an independent design consultancy that collaborates with clients to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions with the potential to change the world. Their work spans various domains, including space habitat design, immersive entertainment experiences, interactive experiences for children, sustainable aerospace solutions, high-speed travel innovations, and experience economy innovations. Teague’s approach to design and innovation is deeply rooted in shared aspirations for a new and better world, and they work on projects that navigate the complexities and tensions inherent in world-changing projects. Their portfolio includes working with notable clients like Logitech, Paramount & Trackimo, The Boeing Company, Virgin Hyperloop, and Starbucks, among others, to deliver solutions that blend grounded research with visionary design, all while maintaining a professional delivery of their work.

Lamb & Co.

Lamb & Co. is a multifaceted company that encompasses real estate, home décor, and design services, aiming to create a space where home, décor, and life come together. Their real estate team, serving the Snohomish and King County regions, is dedicated to making the real estate process smooth and stress-free, assisting in both buying and selling homes. The Lamb & Co. Storefront offers a curated collection of home and lifestyle goods, ranging from furniture to home accessories, available both in-store and online. Additionally, Lamb & Co. Design provides renovation design, virtual interior design, and consultation services, working with clients to transform houses into homes that reflect their unique personalities. The website also features a blog with tips and tricks for home design and décor, and they offer a newsletter for updates on their HGTV show “Unsellable Houses,” new products, and other company news.

Upward Architecture

Upward Architecture, based in Seattle, is a collaborative firm specializing in architecture and interior design, emphasizing the belief that good design is also good business. They describe themselves as creative problem solvers and strategic thinkers who contribute design, business acumen, and technical proficiency to their projects. Upward has a diverse portfolio that spans various sectors including distilleries & wineries, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, offices, recreation, residences, and retail. Their projects, such as Westland Rackhouses, Lakeside Restaurant, Double Canyon Winery, and more, showcase their ability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces across different industries and purposes. The firm is recognized for its ability to navigate regulatory concerns, lead planning efforts, and manage projects from conception through to completion, ensuring that the architectural design is an extension of the client’s brand and vision.

The Structures Company, LLC

The Structures Company is a recruitment firm specializing in providing staffing solutions in various industries, including aerospace, accounting/auditing, administrative, airline – aviation, computer hardware, computer software, electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications, wireless, defense – aerospace, healthcare – health services, information technology, manufacturing, and more. They offer a range of job opportunities in various locations and industries, ensuring that they cater to a wide array of professional needs. The company prides itself on understanding the challenges and requirements of both employers and job seekers, ensuring quick and efficient turnarounds. Testimonials from individuals and companies highlight their capability to supply high-level professionals, their understanding of the market, and their dedication to resolving issues and providing ongoing support. The website also features a news section, providing insights and tips related to the industry and job-seeking.

JMC Cabinets & Interiors, Inc.

JMC Cabinets & Interiors, Inc., based in Everett, Washington, is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive design and high-quality cabinetry solutions. They pride themselves on their “Total Package Concept,” which aims to offer convenience and affordability to their clients. JMC manufactures a line of cabinets locally, available in various materials such as Premium Red Oak, Select White Maple, Select Cherry, and also offers painted options. They provide 24 standard stain colors and six standard paint colors, with custom colors available upon request. All their products feature solid wood face frames and a solid box design, and each piece is finished with a spray stain, a sanding sealer coat, and a conversion varnish top coat for a durable and attractive appearance. JMC emphasizes craftsman quality, with each cabinet made-to-order to meet the specific needs of each customer, avoiding assembly lines in their production process. Their offerings are not limited to a particular style or design, ensuring a wide range of options for diverse customer needs.

LMN Architects

LMN Architects, based in Seattle, is a multifaceted architecture, urban design, and interiors practice that emphasizes a transdisciplinary, research-based approach, tailoring their teams and expertise to each project’s unique vision and requirements. The firm is dedicated to designing environments that elevate the social experience and empower people and communities to shape their futures. Their projects, which span various types such as Arts + Culture, Convention Centers, Education, Transportation, Urban Design, and Urban Mixed Use, aim to connect people to places and to each other, enriching surroundings and fostering a better, collective experience. LMN Architects is recognized for creating integrated, flexible environments that foster creativity and engage communities, with a focus on functionality, access, resilience, and fostering spontaneous social engagement. Their work is deeply embedded in a thorough understanding of each project’s technical and urban potential, striving to integrate seamlessly with their physical and social environments.

Design Connection

Design Connection, led by Principal Designer Susan Rodgers, is an interior design firm that offers creative solutions in both residential and commercial spaces, servicing various locations including Kingston, Poulsbo, Everett, Edmonds, Bremerton, Seattle, and Snohomish, Washington. Susan, who has a rich history in the field of interior design, began her career in Portland, working initially in residential interiors before transitioning to a focus on corporate and office interiors with a commercial firm. In 1980, she became part of an independent design team, Loeb & Rodgers Interiors, and in 1986, Design Connection was established as a custom interiors firm. The firm prides itself on valuing clients’ ideas, working to expand, detail, and bring them into reality. Design Connection charges hourly fees for design development and offers quotations for specified products. In 1997, the firm moved to Kingston, Washington, continuing to serve clients in various locations and maintaining a commitment to a career that Susan loves.

LMN Architects – Urban Design Expertise

LMN Architects, based in Seattle, Washington, showcases a robust portfolio in the realm of Urban Design, demonstrating their expertise in creating human-centered, integrated city spaces. Some of their notable projects in this domain include the “Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion” and the “Seattle Convention Center Summit Building” in Seattle, Washington, “Vancouver Convention Centre West” in Vancouver, Canada, and “Cleveland Convention Center & Civic Core” in Cleveland, Ohio. Their urban design projects also extend to transit stations like the “University of Washington Station” and “U District Station” in Seattle, as well as innovative bridge designs like the “Grand Avenue Park Bridge” in Everett, Washington, and “University District Gateway Bridge” in Spokane, Washington. LMN Architects emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, imagining new possibilities for human interaction and experience within the urban design projects they undertake, always with a focus on equity, sustainability, and connectivity.

Interior Logic Group

Interior Logic Group stands out as a leading provider of interior home design and finish solutions in the building industry, catering to various sectors including single-family homes, multifamily homes, senior and student housing communities, and more. With a presence in over 200 locations, including over 100 Design Studios, their dynamic teams work nationwide to deliver top-quality service and solutions. The company is recognized for its industry-leading technology and unparalleled services, transforming the building products industry through innovation, energy, and curiosity. They offer a range of on-site, remote, and hybrid positions across various specialties and experience levels. Testimonials from vice presidents and division presidents of notable companies like Shaw Builder Sales, Emser Tile, Hyphen Solutions, Fulton Homes, Taylor Morrison, and Toll Brothers highlight their sophisticated systems, talented team, strong industry relationships, and focus on innovation and adaptability.

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