LCR Interiors, a full-service interior design firm with a retail boutique, has been offering a curated collection of fine furniture, lighting, rugs, art, accessories, and gifts for over 50 years. The firm, led by Principal Designer Peter, who has degrees in Fine Arts and Interior Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, and Senior Designers Jill and Dale, both with extensive design experience, is renowned for creating extraordinary, timeless spaces that blend classic and unexpected elements. LCR works with a wide network of local and trade furniture makers, craftsmen, and artists, ensuring that each piece is uniquely suited to clients’ needs, while also maintaining a strong commitment to quality and individualized design.

The Interior Edge (TIE), founded by Joanne Riley, A.S.I.D., in 1990, stands out as an interior design firm that intertwines love and logistics to deliver professionalism and luxury beyond expectations in its services. Offering comprehensive interior design expertise from conception to realization, TIE is dedicated to providing an experience that ensures clients feel understood and fulfilled, ultimately owning beautiful interiors. The firm, which believes that great interiors inspire growth, security, and joy, balances physical, emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic needs through a meticulous design process that encompasses everything from architecture and lighting to color, texture, and style, transforming spaces down to the smallest details. TIE’s designs, found worldwide, are as unique as their individual clients.

Living Interiors of Connecticut, LLC, a full-service interior decorating and design firm, specializes in crafting both residential and commercial environments. Founded by Stacy Moher, the firm is dedicated to personalizing spaces by harmonizing functionality with individual tastes. With formal and informal education and training in interior decorating and design, including certification in interior redesign and real estate staging, Stacy brings a wealth of expertise to create aesthetically pleasing spaces for her clients. Her extensive travel through various countries and cultures fuels her design inspiration, which she seamlessly incorporates into her projects. The firm primarily services several counties in Connecticut and considers out-of-state interior design projects, also offering E-Design services.

Sharon McCormick Design, an award-winning residential interior design firm, serves various locations on the East Coast, including Glastonbury, Avon, West Hartford, and more in Connecticut. The firm, founded by Sharon McCormick, who transitioned from a career as a CPA and CFO to interior design after renovating a circa 1730 house, is recognized for its versatility in creating designs that range from contemporary to traditional and from laid-back to formal. With pillars grounded in integrity, expertise, communication, and collaboration, the firm ensures designs are not only exquisite but also practical, reflecting a deep understanding of each family member’s lifestyle. Sharon and her team are dedicated to guiding clients through a finely tuned process, ensuring an enjoyable design experience.

GLDESIGN, founded and creatively directed by Gaelle Dudley, stands out as one of Fairfield County, Connecticut’s rapidly expanding design firms, intertwining coastal chic living into every project, from interiors to exteriors and renovations to new constructions. Gaelle, whose design inspirations stem from her childhood in France, New England shorelines, California dreams, and Florida pastels, has a rich background working with iconic brands like St. Regis and W Hotels. The GLDESIGN team, including Mackenzie Pretty, Christin Weberman, and Stephanie Lauria, each bring unique skills and backgrounds, ensuring projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also timely and smoothly operated, weaving beach living into every client’s home with a signature aesthetic.

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