Rue Soleil is an interior design group with a diversified experience, based in Boca Raton, Florida, and Henderson, Nevada, specializing in both commercial and residential projects, which range from single residences to multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. The team emphasizes a timeless approach to design, ensuring endurance and relevance through changing trends. They prioritize listening to their clients to facilitate smooth project experiences from planning to execution. The group stays abreast of emerging trends and concepts in the design world by regularly attending trade shows and exploring design showrooms, which enables them to guide their clients toward optimal interior design solutions. Rue Soleil is recognized for creating spaces that fuse beauty and functionality, taking into account the nuances of daily living, whether designing a luxury home or a modern workspace. Their design process typically involves a combination of in-person consultations and remote collaboration to ensure maximum efficiency throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Ambrosia Home Furniture and Décor, established in November 2017 in Henderson, Nevada, is dedicated to serving Southern Nevada communities by offering luxury model home furnishings, which include unique accessories, furniture, artwork, and silk floral arrangements. Initially providing items recently showcased in model homes across Southern Nevada, Ambrosia Home has expanded to partner with top manufacturers, purchasing distinctive items directly from their showrooms and offering them at significantly discounted prices, sometimes up to 70% below retail. The company, founded by nationally and internationally recognized award-winning designer Debra Newell, prioritizes client satisfaction, emphasizing a customer-first approach and a non-pushy sales environment. The team at Ambrosia Home is passionate about providing an exceptional, concept-driven customer experience in a family-oriented atmosphere.

Realm of Design, established in 1991 by Scott and Cindy McCombs, has been crafting exquisite architectural details for over two decades, specializing in custom, hand-crafted fireplace surrounds, mantels, kitchen hoods, countertops, columns, and more, for both commercial and residential projects across the nation, including in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The company, which is family-owned and operated, prides itself on bringing innovative design and architectural concepts to life, with a particular emphasis on artistic and custom creations that can transform any space into a “Million Dollar Room.” Scott McCombs, with over 20 years of specialization in architectural elements, leads the company with a rich history of custom projects and a dedication to providing breathtaking architectural elements. Furthermore, Realm of Design is committed to environmental sustainability, having developed Green Architectural Stone, a building element made from recycled glass aggregate and renewable materials. The company also utilizes advanced technology, such as 3D scanners and modeling, and a 5-axis Computer Numerical Control machine, to enhance its design capabilities, while also offering a range of finishes and materials, including their distinctive “Aged Stone” and Euro-Lite High Density polyurethane products.

SCA Design, established in 1995, is a comprehensive architectural and design firm located in Las Vegas and serving Nevada, with licensing in multiple states including Utah, Arizona, and Idaho. Under the leadership of Architect Sheldon Colen, the firm provides a wide array of design services, such as design-assist, design-build, tenant improvement, and various specialized design services in commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, casino, ADA, medical and healthcare, sports entertainment, remodeling, conceptual, and green energy planning design sectors. The team at SCA Design is committed to delivering impeccable workmanship, transforming every project into a remarkable architectural masterpiece in Las Vegas.

Interiors by Mitzi, led by Mitzi Hauge, strives to create spaces that are reflective of the clients and their lifestyles, balancing luxury and richness with functionality and livability. Mitzi, who studied at the New York School of Art and Design and has been involved in the industry for several years, draws her inspiration from her love for people and the joy she derives from enhancing their personal spaces, bringing more beauty into their homes. She has worked in various locations, including Hollywood, Anthem Country Club, and Bend, Oregon. Mitzi understands the desire for a space that not only embodies luxury but is also carefully balanced with practicality and livability. Based in Henderson, Nevada, and serving the surrounding areas, she looks forward to meeting new clients and providing them with rates or scheduling a consult.

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