DKOR Interiors showcases a rich portfolio of their residential interior design projects on their website. The portfolio includes a wide array of completed projects, ranging from full renovations to specific interior decorating endeavors, illustrating their capability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary dream homes. Some of their featured projects include a “Waterfront Miami Surfside Residence,” a “Sophisticated Hollywood Florida Home,” and a “Modern Beachfront Fort Lauderdale Condo,” among others. The website provides an option to view more details about each project, offering insights into their design approach and outcomes. DKOR Interiors demonstrates a broad spectrum of design aesthetics and solutions, catering to various residential design needs.

Michael Wolk Design Associates was chosen by Taylor Woodrow, a global developer of residential and commercial real estate, to manage the interior design of the common and public areas at The Diplomat Oceanfront Residences located in Hollywood, Florida. The design firm aimed to surpass all expectations, crafting the public spaces with a tropical contemporary aesthetic. The lobby features glass walls that invite sunlight and showcase palm trees and stunning water features. To complete the look, light woods and stone were incorporated, blending the vibrancy of modern American style with the elegance and sophistication of European tradition.

ODP Architects is dedicated to creating buildings and residences designed to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. The firm is deeply committed to every project, regardless of its scope or size, and works intimately with clients and partners to ensure a successful outcome. They prioritize honest design, ensuring that nothing is arbitrary and everything serves a purpose. Their meticulous design process, steadfast commitment to each project, and close collaborations allow them to deliver built environments that surpass expectations.

Karen Hanlon Design is a Florida-based design firm that specializes in restaurants, bars, luxury theaters, and food markets. The firm was founded in 1998 by Karen Hanlon, who has been designing in the foodservice industry since 1988. Hanlon’s degree from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and her study of architecture in Florence, Italy, combined with many years of working in the restaurant industry, gave her an unparalleled head-start in the field.

Karen Hanlon Design has worked with industry greats such as Houston’s Restaurants, The Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, Hard Rock Cafe, The Restaurant People, Big Time Restaurant Group, and iPic Entertainment. This experience has enabled the firm to gain considerable knowledge in the operations and marketing aspects of the restaurant industry.

Karen Hanlon Design is committed to creating innovative and classic designs that play a major role in making projects successful and highly profitable. The firm works closely with clients and their customers throughout the design process to ensure that all needs are met.

DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) is a notable venue that showcases various aspects of design and decor. A recent highlight from the website involves a discussion between Martin Brudnizki and Jacqueline Terrebonne, Editor in Chief of Galerie, about Brudnizki’s latest collection with The Rug Company. This collection, named ‘New Romantics,’ features five new bordered rug designs and is on display at DCOTA, Suite C–116. The website may contain additional information about various design collaborations, exhibitions, and conversations related to the world of design.

Studio IDC is a design company that has garnered praise for its exceptional and inspired design work, particularly in the realm of developing and enhancing luxury spaces. The testimonials on their website highlight the team’s reliability, creativity, and professionalism in handling design and installation projects, even those that involve complex overseas shipments and large worksite organization. Clients, including proprietors of high-end properties and estates, express their satisfaction with Studio IDC’s attention to detail, efficiency, and the ability to transform ideas into exact specifications, from procurement to installation. Whether clients bring their own ideas or need inspiration from the IDC team, the company is commended for delivering extraordinary results and for their diligent and professional approach to every project.

Hollywood Woodwork is a company located in Hollywood, FL, that was involved in a project with the General Contractor Suffolk-Yates. The architectural work for this project was handled by Klai Juba Wald Architects, while the interior design was managed by Wilson Associates and Rockwell Group.

HKS Inc. is a renowned global architecture firm that seeks to create places that enhance the human experience through innovation, creativity, and architectural excellence. With a team of skilled professionals, HKS endeavors to deliver solutions that reflect the culture and context of the communities they serve. The firm is committed to leveraging design to help clients succeed and to enrich lives around the world. HKS is known for its collaborative approach, engaging stakeholders in the design process to ensure that the solutions provided are tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each client and community. With a diverse portfolio that spans various sectors, including healthcare, education, sports, and hospitality, HKS seeks to make a significant and lasting impact with every project.

John McClain Design showcases a Hollywood Hills Mid-Century project on their website, reflecting a keen eye for design and a sophisticated approach to interiors. The firm, led by John McClain, an interior designer known for his ability to blend various styles and elements, creates spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and livable. The Hollywood Hills project exemplifies a seamless blend of mid-century modern aesthetics with contemporary touches, resulting in a space that is both timeless and modern. John McClain Design operates with a philosophy that interior design should not only meet the aesthetic desires of the client but also enhance and elevate their living experience, by meticulously curating spaces that resonate with their lifestyle and preferences. The firm’s portfolio demonstrates a diverse range of styles and projects, each reflecting a distinct narrative and a thoughtful approach to design.

West Hollywood Design District is a hub for inspiration and innovation in the realm of design, art, fashion, and culinary arts. The district is a destination where the public, artists, and designers come together to explore and engage with creative works. The website provides information about the district, its history, and its commitment to fostering a community where design professionals can thrive. It also offers a guide to various shops, services, and dining options available in the district, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to explore the vibrant and eclectic offerings of West Hollywood. The district not only serves as a platform for showcasing design and art but also actively participates in community events and collaborations, further enriching the cultural and creative landscape of the area.

Jeffrey Michaels is a prominent distributor in the interior design industry, providing a rich array of products including fabrics, furniture, lighting, and accessories. The company represents a myriad of manufacturers, offering a wide range of items to meet various design needs. Their website provides an overview of the brands they represent, ensuring that designers and clients alike have access to high-quality, stylish, and innovative design solutions. Jeffrey Michaels prides itself on offering not just products, but also inspiration for designers, assisting them in bringing their creative visions to life with the right materials and pieces. The company’s extensive experience and commitment to quality and design excellence make it a go-to resource for interior design professionals.

KRM Design Group is a full-service interior design firm that specializes in luxury residential projects, operating primarily in Tampa and Orlando, but also serving clients across central Florida. The firm is dedicated to creating timeless, comfortable, and beautiful spaces that reflect the individual style and needs of their clients. KRM Design Group provides a wide array of interior design services, including initial consultation, new construction, renovations, remodels, kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry, interior construction drawings, space planning, furniture selection & procurement, lighting, accessories & artwork selection, custom window treatments, and management of projects, budgets, and schedules. Their design process begins with a comprehensive discussion to identify client needs, establish scope, and understand the desired feel and function of the home. This is followed by the creative process, purchasing & procurement, and finally, installation & final touches, ensuring a thorough and attentive approach to bringing a client’s vision to reality.

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