Jill Thomson Design is a high-end, full-service interior design firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and serves clients across the country. The firm takes on design and building projects for a variety of high-end clients throughout the nation, catering to both their home and business needs. The website features a portfolio of their projects and testimonials from satisfied clients, highlighting their professionalism, quality, and value in delivering both residential and commercial interior design services. The firm has been recognized in the LUXXU Modern Design & Living Website and has a presence on various social media platforms.

Steelman Partners is an architectural firm renowned for designing innovative, memorable, and revenue-producing projects globally, with a special focus on redefining the entertainment, hospitality, resort, and gaming industries. The firm, established in 1987, is consistently ranked among the largest architectural firms and is recognized for designing profitable entertainment-based projects. The website showcases their award-winning designs, including the HOSPY Award for Best Casino Space and the Preservation Design Award. They have a notable portfolio, a list of awards, and are currently hiring, inviting resumes and portfolios from qualified candidates.

Miguel Rueda Designs is a luxury interior design firm in Las Vegas that is recognized for its master designs for complex projects, including both residential and commercial spaces. The firm, led by Miguel Rueda, is known for its innovative and personalized custom interiors, providing high-end manufacturing services of furniture, interior design accessories, fabrics, and custom lighting. The website discusses the characteristics of Las Vegas interior design, influenced heavily by the city’s casino and entertainment industries, and highlights various interior design styles found in the city, such as modern and contemporary design.

AESTHETIK Design by Victoria Tik is a full-service design firm based in Las Vegas, NV, offering a range of services from decorating and designing to construction consulting. Victoria Tik, an award-winning interior designer, has been featured on various platforms like HGTV, NBC, and Architectural Digest. The firm prides itself on offering approachable modern living designs without high markups and commissions, making hiring an interior design professional a smart and cost-effective decision. AESTHETIK Design works on both residential and commercial projects, providing tailored design packages to suit various needs and has the capability to service clients anywhere in the world through e-design and virtual consults.

SCA Design is an architectural and design firm that emphasizes delivering quality and on-time services. They specialize in transforming ideas and concepts from the ground up into custom design inventions, tailored to unique and individualized styles. The firm operates in Nevada and Arizona, providing architectural solutions in various domains. The website provides contact details but is quite minimalistic in providing detailed information about their projects or design philosophies.

Las Vegas Market is an event and platform that seems to cater to buyers in the home furnishings and design resource industry. They organize events like the “Fall Buying Event” and “Winter Market” where various showrooms and products related to home furnishings and designs are showcased. The platform also provides an app, “@Market App,” designed exclusively for buyers to enhance search, discovery, and navigation during market visits. Additionally, the Las Vegas Design Center (LVDC), a premier home furnishings and design resource, is open daily from Monday to Friday, providing a space for exploration in home and design resources.

Blue Heron is a design-led development firm that accentuates aspirational living through personalized home experiences. The firm, founded by Tyler Jones, is driven by imagination and designed by humanity, focusing on creating homes that enhance the natural beauty of their surroundings and generate organic connections with the environment. They offer various services, including creating fully-custom homes from visions (BH ELITE), designing communities (BH NEXUS), and providing move-in-ready homes. Blue Heron emphasizes creating homes that are an experience, unfolding in layers to create a connection that results in a daily sense of well-being.

KGA Architecture is a firm that prides itself on challenging assumptions and pushing the boundaries of the built environment. They emphasize honest collaboration, client-focused solutions, and having fun in the serious world of architecture. KGA strives to be a leader in architecture, surprising clients with new, unexpected ideas, and focusing on creating progressive places that are atmospheric and spatially rewarding. The firm has an efficient, seamless process that includes planning, design, and production, all performed at a high level. They have been recognized with numerous awards over the years and are motivated by a purpose to make the world better and enhance people’s lives through the environments they create.

TSK Architecture, now part of the MOREgroup family of brands, is a planning and design firm with a dedicated focus on public architecture. Established in 1960 and with locations in Henderson, NV; Reno-Tahoe; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Dallas, TX, the firm believes in the importance of public service and aims to improve quality of life and design spaces where people will thrive for generations through a commitment to community. TSK emphasizes design excellence as key to creating enduring buildings, structures, and communities, and seeks to balance form and function, surprise with unique details, present sustainable solutions, and remain responsive to the needs of all users.

AG Interior Designs in Las Vegas, NV, specializes in custom upholstery and furniture, offering a range of services that include custom upholstery, outdoor and indoor furniture upholstery, reupholstery, and custom furniture creation. The company provides a wide array of fabrics for its upholstery services, from bold, bright colors to neutrals, and from soft, plush, velvety fabrics to smoother, tougher ones. AG Interior Designs also offers special outdoor fabrics that are fade and mildew-resistant. The company takes pride in valuing its customers and assisting them throughout the upholstery process, whether it involves adjusting a design for sizing needs, creating upholstery as per customer preferences, or reupholstering to make old furniture look new again.

PUNCH Architecture was founded in 2015 and has evolved into a team of architects, artists, designers, fabricators, and makers that embody a collaborative design spirit with technical expertise. The firm, which has designed work across the United States and won numerous awards, is a licensed architecture firm in several states, including Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. PUNCH’s architectural design style is varied, working within the context of the natural environment and creating objects in both private and public realms that are unique and tailored to client visions. They also design and fabricate custom furniture and artwork for select projects, providing a range of professional services in architecture, interior design, and public art.

TANDEM is a design studio specializing in casino, hospitality, and restaurant design projects, operating with the philosophy that design is a product of minds working together. The award-winning design studio is committed to working hands-on with clients to convey their visions and philosophies through design, balancing various design concepts such as contemporary and classic, luxurious and practical, swank and minimalist, and high-end and budget-conscious. TANDEM offers a portfolio across various domains including sleeping, eating, drinking, relaxing, playing, checking in, shopping, and meeting spaces, and operates offices in Las Vegas, NV, and Austin, TX.

The Gettys Group is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in creating environments and experiences that inspire guests and enrich brands in the hospitality industry. With a focus on interior design, development, branding, and procurement, The Gettys Group has worked on various notable projects, including the iconic Tribune Tower in Chicago and the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The firm emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach, combining various aspects of design and development to create impactful and memorable guest experiences. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from hotels to casinos, reflecting their expertise in creating compelling and inviting spaces.

Debrae Little Interiors is a luxury interior design firm that offers a broad set of services, including kitchen and bath design, outdoor living, home renovations, home decor and styling, and new builds. The firm also specializes in custom furniture and rug design, accessories and art selection, custom kitchen and bath design, and decoration and color design. The website is quite minimalistic and does not provide detailed information about their projects or design philosophies, but it emphasizes their capability to handle various aspects of interior design, from conceptualization to customization.

Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm with 53 locations across various continents, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. The firm places people at the center of everything they do, aiming to impact millions of lives daily through the spaces they create. Gensler is committed to designing for the human experience, allowing them to address significant challenges facing cities and shape a more resilient and equitable future for everyone. The firm works on a variety of projects, including environmental leadership initiatives, social equity designs, and governance structures, and has a strong commitment to tackling the climate crisis and promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Heather Allen Design Group is a Las Vegas-based design firm specializing in contemporary retail design, hospitality interiors, commercial design, and visual merchandising. The firm assists clients globally in maximizing their spaces and enhancing their sales through sophisticated, functional design, and in-house fabricated fixtures. Their services span across commercial interior design, retail kiosk designs, and franchise concept designs, providing solutions that are not only aesthetically appealing but also aim to improve employee morale, productivity, and customer impressions. Heather Allen Design Group guides clients through the entire design process, from concept to opening, ensuring that the design maximizes the square foot value of a space.

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