Maragh Interior Designs is a premier interior design service with a passion for creating inspired motifs that resonate with the modern home. Their design philosophy, encapsulated by the quote from Frank Lloyd Wright, emphasizes the harmonious fusion of form and function. With a dedicated focus on clients’ needs, Maragh Interior Designs offers a personalized approach to interior design. They pledge to guard clients’ privacy while guiding them through every step of the design process, ensuring personal supervision from project initiation to completion. Their commitment extends to infusing clients’ unique essence into every aspect of the design, resulting in spaces that are timeless, sustainable, efficient, and beautiful. Maragh Interior Designs also places a strong emphasis on product selection based on aesthetics, appropriateness, and durability, maintaining a high level of professionalism, honesty, and transparency throughout the design journey. They recommend reputable manufacturers and contractors to execute their meticulously crafted designs. Operating in various areas across Broward County and Palm Beach, including Plantation, Weston, Boca Raton, and more, Maragh Interior Designs is dedicated to bringing clients’ personal reflections to life through exceptional interior design.

Maragh Interior Designs invites clients to connect with them, understanding that each design is a unique reflection of clients’ tastes and personalities. With a service area covering locations such as Plantation, Southwest Ranches, Weston, Boca Raton, and beyond, they cater to a wide range of clients in Broward County and Palm Beach. Their holistic approach to interior design, combining aesthetic sensibilities with functionality, ensures that clients’ desires are met while respecting their budgets. Maragh Interior Designs is committed to creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also enduring and efficient, making them a trusted partner in transforming houses into personalized and timeless homes.

Andrea Anez Interior & Arch is a Miami-based high-end interior and architectural design firm specializing in creating bespoke, evocative, distinctive, and timeless spaces. Their approach involves a deep commitment to transforming spaces into environments that inspire and enhance their clients’ lives. Each project is treated as a unique narrative, and the design process aims to capture the client’s personality, dynamics, and experiences. Located in the vibrant Miami area, Andrea Anez Interior & Arch has a diverse portfolio featuring both local and international projects. Their versatile team, including professionals like architects, interior designers, and project managers, brings a wealth of expertise to exceed client expectations. They emphasize providing tailored services while fostering enduring relationships with their clients, often collaborating on multiple projects.

The team at Andrea Anez Interior & Arch includes individuals with various backgrounds and skills. For instance, Juan Carlos Dorado, an architect and drafter, focuses on innovative designs with elements of sobriety, masculinity, cleanliness, and rusticity. Alan, the CEO, specializes in budgeting, coordination, and project management, ensuring precision and efficiency. Andrea Anez, the visionary CEO and head designer, brings a fresh perspective to interior design, emphasizing unique experiences and emotional connections in her designs. Elisea, an interior designer assistant, specializes in staging and creating calm and inspiring spaces. Narella, an architect and interior designer, pushes the boundaries of conventional interior design with her expertise in 3D modeling and technical drawings.

Uri Designs Studio is an interior design and artistic expression service specializing in furniture transformation and unique creations. They offer a variety of services, including home staging, monthly online workshops for arts and crafts, and inspiring tutorials on their YouTube channel. With a focus on creating functional pieces that convey a message through colors, shapes, and textures, Uri Designs Studio aims to craft captivating and one-of-a-kind creations that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on viewers. The studio’s founder, Uri, is a creative individual with a degree in interior design and extensive experience in mixed media techniques. Their services are complemented by a collection of customer testimonials, showcasing the satisfaction of their clients.

Uri Designs Studio encourages engagement through their YouTube channel, where they share weekly tutorials, projects, and designs, inviting viewers to like, subscribe, and comment. The studio is based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and can be reached via phone or email for inquiries or consultations. They also offer a $100 discount on the next furniture transformation project when customers schedule a call with Uri.

INTERIORS BY JMG offers a wide range of interior design services aimed at enhancing and optimizing living spaces. The services they provide include:

  1. Residential Organization: This service helps clients create and maintain organized living spaces. The designer, who is a NAPO Certified Specialist in Residential Organizing, assists in developing organizational plans tailored to the client’s needs. This includes recommending organizational products, systems, routines, and schedules to ensure that the living space remains organized, enjoyable, and captivating.
  2. Residential Renovation: The designer understands the transformative power of well-designed spaces on physical and mental well-being. They offer renovation services that guide clients through the entire process, providing expertise and leadership at every step. This service aims to bring about positive changes in the home environment.
  3. Move Management: Whether clients are moving a short distance or relocating their entire household, this service facilitates a stress-free move. It includes assistance with packing/unpacking and organizing various aspects of the relocation process, ensuring that all details are managed efficiently.
  4. Home Inventory: Home inventory services involve documenting the existence and condition of personal property items within a home. This can serve as a record for future reference or insurance purposes, providing peace of mind in knowing the contents of the home.
  5. Productivity Consulting: Productivity consultants assist clients in managing their time, energy, and resources effectively. They help clients make decisions and take actions that align with their goals, priorities, and desired outcomes. This service is valuable for individuals seeking to enhance their productivity in various aspects of life.
  6. Home Staging: Home staging is a proven strategy for increasing the sale rate and final sale value of homes. This service prepares homes for sale by enhancing their appeal to potential buyers. Staged homes typically spend less time on the market and can command higher selling prices.
  7. Virtual Consultations: For clients seeking advice or a second opinion on their projects, virtual consultations offer a flexible and convenient option. This service is suitable for clients outside the local area, those who have ongoing projects, and individuals seeking online productivity guidance.
  8. Furniture Selling or Refurbishing: INTERIORS BY JMG provides services for both selling and refurbishing furniture. They can help clients refresh and revitalize existing furniture items or assist in the selling process, including staging, posting listings, and transportation.

AP Living is an interior design firm that prioritizes both beauty and functionality in their designs, ensuring that clients can enjoy comfort, style, and elegance in their living spaces. They understand the diverse needs of their clients, whether it’s a family home, a single individual’s space, or anything in between. AP Living’s client-centered approach aims to create inviting spaces that offer peace and ease, even in the midst of busy lifestyles.

The goal of AP Living is to provide long-lasting warmth and joy in the homes they design. They aim to make clients feel at home not only when the design is revealed but also long after their work is completed. The owner and interior designer, Altanese Phenelus, is described as warm and inviting, mirroring the spaces she creates. With a background in law, she brings a meticulous approach to her design work, ensuring that clients’ visions are accurately realized, one space at a time.

RoZu Design Solutions is an interior design and renovation firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, dedicated to creating vibrant, beautiful, and comfortable living and working spaces for both residential and commercial clients. They have a unique approach to each project and prioritize understanding their clients’ lifestyles, needs, and desires to transform spaces into perfect environments. Renan Rodriguez, the creative force behind RoZu Design Solutions, brings over 20 years of experience to the field. He specializes in furniture, fabrics, natural elements, colors, and culture, using these elements to create aesthetically pleasing and imaginative spaces. Renan’s dedication to his clients and his love for design shine through in his work.

RoZu Design Solutions offers a range of services, including:

Design Consultation: Guidance for individuals and businesses, providing suggestions and solutions for space improvements.

Staging: Assistance for homeowners, investors, and realtors in creating spaces that appeal to potential buyers.

Design Services: Full-scale space planning, renovation, and design services, including concept development, project planning, procurement, budget management, installation, and more.

Rental Friendly Design: Tips for reversible design ideas that are budget-friendly, catering to those in temporary living situations.

Small Space Design: Creative space planning and storage ideas for apartments and small spaces.

Kitchen and Bath Design: Services ranging from simple updates to full kitchen and bathroom renovations.

RoZu Design Solutions also provides a collection of client testimonials, highlighting the positive experiences of those who have worked with them.

Blu Ink Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Davie, Florida, serving South Florida and Colombia. The company was founded by Juanita Sierra and Santiago Gomez in 2013, with a mission to create highly personalized and beautiful living environments.

Juanita Sierra is the owner and designer of Blu Ink Interiors, and she is a graduate of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Her experience includes working with high-end designers and involvement in various projects, including Apure (formerly Uli+Friends Illumination Design Studio), Zaha Hadid’s 1000 Museum in Miami, Casa Clara, Palazzo del Sol and Palazzo Della Luna buildings in Fisher Island, custom cabinetry design at Ornare’s showroom in Miami’s Design District, and Siematic at DCOTA Showroom in Dania, among others. Her experience has given her valuable insights into design techniques, styles, materials, and residential and commercial spaces.

Santiago Gomez, with an MIBA and Masters Degree in Accounting, manages the business aspect of the company, ensuring that projects and the company’s finances are accurately tracked and on budget.

Blu Ink Interiors takes a versatile approach to the design process, focusing on “Universal Design” to create functional spaces in various styles, including Industrial, modern, Boho, Beachy, Transitional, and Contemporary.

The firm prioritizes the client’s needs and lifestyle, believing that design is a collaborative effort. They start by asking clients essential questions about their home, lifestyle, feelings, and values to create a successful project.

Blu Ink Interiors follows a straightforward process:

Initial consultation to understand design style, goals, and needs.
Financial proposal based on scope of work and specifications.
Presentation of design ideas and material selections for approval.
Procurement of materials and project commencement.
The final reveal.
The firm prides itself on delivering unparalleled quality and service while emphasizing safety and environmental responsibility.

Blu Ink Interiors aims to create well-designed spaces that are an extension of the client’s personality and preferences, leaving a legacy worth talking about.

Claudia Luján is a highly experienced and accomplished interior designer specializing in both commercial and residential interior design. Her design philosophy revolves around creating unique, timeless, functional, and comfortable interiors. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional results, Claudia has worked on projects not only in South Florida but also across the United States and internationally.

What sets Claudia apart is her ability to strike a balance between creativity, collaboration, and forward-thinking, all while maintaining a structured, organized, and detail-oriented approach. This unique blend of skills allows her to bring a holistic and well-rounded perspective to each aspect of the design process, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and excellence.

One of Claudia’s strengths lies in her capacity to build strong client relationships based on respect, trust, and confidence. This commitment to fostering positive client interactions has been a key factor in her continued success as a designer.

Claudia Luján’s work reflects her passion for creating interiors that not only meet the functional needs of her clients but also stand the test of time in terms of style and aesthetics. Her dedication to delivering unique and comfortable spaces is at the core of her design philosophy.

KRM Design Group, based in Tampa and Orlando, is a premier interior design firm specializing in luxury residential projects. With a strong commitment to creating timeless, comfortable, and beautiful spaces, KRM Design Group offers a full range of interior design services tailored to their clients’ specific needs and individual styles.

About KRM Design Group: KRM Design Group, led by Kaci and Richard, is known for its professionalism and attention to detail. Their collaborative approach involves extensive discussions and effective communication with clients, ensuring a productive and enjoyable design experience.

Services Offered: KRM Design Group offers a comprehensive range of interior design services, including:

  • Initial Consultation
  • New Construction
  • Renovations and Remodels
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Custom Cabinetry and Built-Ins
  • Interior Construction Drawings
  • Interior Specifications (Lighting, Materials, Finishes, Cabinetry, Custom Pieces, etc.)
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Selection and Procurement
  • Lighting, Accessories, and Artwork Selection
  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Presentation of Design Concept and Selections
  • Project Management (Budgets and Schedules)
  • Product Deliveries and On-Site Installation

The Design Process: KRM’s design process is client-centric and includes the following stages:

  1. Getting to Know You: An initial comprehensive discussion to identify the client’s needs, scope, design style, space usage, timeline, and budget expectations.
  2. Design Concept: The creative phase involving space planning, design boards, and selection of finishes, fixtures, and furniture.
  3. Purchasing & Procurement: Finalizing the budget and managing vendors to ensure all items are purchased, constructed, shipped, and delivered in perfect condition.
  4. Installation & Final Touches: Overseeing the installation of furnishings, art, and accessories, transforming the space into a beautiful and functional environment.

Contact KRM Design Group: If you’re ready to embark on your next interior design project, KRM Design Group is prepared to bring comfortable luxury and personalized style to your home. You can reach them at the following locations:

Tampa Office: 4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. #115 Tampa, Florida 33609 Phone: 813.344.0998

Orlando Office: 11954 Narcoossee Rd. Suite 2 – #233 Orlando, FL 32832 Phone: 407.809.4550

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