Jessica Helgerson Interior Design The website provides limited information, but Jessica Helgerson Interior Design seems to be an interior design firm that may have a branch or project named “JHID Paris.” The website does not provide detailed insights into their design approach, projects, or specific services.

Annie Wise Interior Design Wise Design, led by Annie Wise, is a full-service interior design studio that emphasizes creating spaces that balance beauty and function. The studio, which works primarily in the Northwest, offers a range of residential and commercial interior design services. The interiors crafted by Wise Design are described as authentic and unique, tailored to the individuality of their clients. The team, consisting of Annie Wise, Ryan Harkrider, Chessney Chrnelich, Bonney Johnson, and Tamara Wise, collaborates to ensure smooth project progression and is described as approachable, friendly, and down-to-earth.

Casework Casework is an interior design firm that emphasizes translating personalities into everyday living environments. The firm has a diverse portfolio, including a 500sf studio apartment in NW Portland transformed into a personal getaway, a vibrant dessert shop named Kate’s Ice Cream located in North Mississippi neighborhood, Portland, offering plant-based & gluten-free desserts, and a South Waterfront Condo where improvements were envisioned during the pandemic to enhance both professional and social living spaces. Casework offers design consultations and has been featured in various publications like Portrait Magazine, AD Clever, and Design Milk.

Jenni Leasia Design Jenni Leasia Design (JLD) is an interior design and remodeling firm that aims to bring joy to homeowners by creating beautiful and inviting spaces. The firm has a proven process to bring visions, even those that are just a hint of an idea, to life, creating timeless yet fresh homes tailored to clients’ needs and lifestyles. The website highlights the belief that a well-designed home can enhance daily happiness and offers a peek into their portfolio, services, and team, while also providing contact information and client testimonials.

Heidi Semler Interior Design Heidi Semler Interior Design, established in 1997, is a full-service interior design firm that provides comprehensive, custom design solutions for residential clients. The firm, which describes itself as a small, boutique outfit with big ideas, aims to create warm, beautiful interiors that fully showcase personal tastes, lifestyle, and vision, whether for new home builds, renovations, or refreshes. The website provides a glimpse into Heidi’s 30 years of experience, past projects, client testimonials, and contact information.

Max Humphrey Max Humphrey, an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon, has a diverse background, including working in TV and Film Production and touring as a bass player in a punk rock band, before discovering an interest in interior design. Max has worked on various commercial projects, including corporate headquarters, tasting rooms, dental offices, and more. He has been featured in several publications and has licensed product collaborations with several decor brands. Max has also authored books, including “LODGE: An Indoorsy Tour Of America’s National Parks” and “MODERN AMERICANA.”

Maison, Inc. Maison, Inc., established in 2001, is a full-service luxury design studio that specializes in bespoke design, inspired by clients’ unique desires, interests, and lifestyles. Known for its sophisticated, intuitive approach, and technical expertise, the studio creates beautifully classic and livable spaces. The website showcases various interior design projects, categorized into different types of rooms and styles, and provides a glimpse into their offerings, team, and contact information.

JHL Design JHL Design, founded in 1999, is an award-winning design firm recognized for its modern sensibility and exceptional client service. The firm, which began as a small, family-run entity, has evolved into a team specializing in elegant, full-service design solutions for residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. The team, consisting of interior designers, licensed architects, and graphic designers, approaches every project holistically, ensuring each detail is coherent with the next. JHL Design offers services in new construction and remodel/renovation, guiding clients through an intimate, creative experience to create tailored, timeless, and thoughtful spaces.

Lord Interior Design Lord Interior Design, based in Northwest Hills, Portland, OR, emphasizes creating designs intended for life and ensuring clients feel at home in the spaces created. The firm undertakes various projects, including a Northwest Elegant Modern design in Southwest Hills, Portland, OR, and offers services in whole house design, bathroom design, and kitchen design. The website showcases various projects, provides client testimonials, and offers insights into their design approach, which involves creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also truly reflect the client’s personality.

IDEA Interiors, Inc. Innovative Designed Environments Associates, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in the design and restoration of hospitality, commercial, and historic properties. IDEA Interiors emphasizes creating spaces that are classic, timeless, and eminently beautiful, excelling in shaping the unique aspects of hospitality design. The firm provides a range of interior design services, ensuring that each space is tailored to meet specific design requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Robert Trotman Interior Design Robert Trotman Interior Design Inc., based in Portland, Oregon, is a full-service interior design firm that emphasizes making each room artful, functional, comfortable, and inviting while ensuring the design process feels effortless. The firm manages numerous project details from concept through completion, valuing clients’ time and providing expertise in custom interior architecture, finish selections, custom-designed furniture and rugs, and the selection of furnishings, accessories, and art. The firm’s approach is to make each space not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable, ensuring it is tailored to meet specific design requirements and aesthetic preferences.

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