Ninth and North Interiors is based in Salt Lake City at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. We work all over Utah, frequent our original stomping grounds of Chicago, and travel anywhere else to design that our clients desire. N+N specializes in construction projects, teaming up with both residential homeowners as well as general contractors and developers to cultivate custom interiors. We do not believe that one design fits all and treat every project as a fresh and special design opportunity. Through creative space planning, collaborative curation, and selective editing, we provide a design experience that is tailored to each person and client.

The A\Typical designer index is a study in skill and artful distinctiveness. Combined, our collection of designers has the refined characteristics of any worthwhile space: warm, versatile, balanced, textured, and unique. Each has their own set of skills, tastes, and specialties, but each of them is here to help you bring to life an interior you’ll be completely crazy for. We won’t tell you what you like (that’s not really our style). Our model merely facilitates your skinny-dip into the waters of stylistic discovery and collaborative magic. Consider us your blank slate, and together we’ll brainstorm, sketch up, and turn out some seriously cool interiors.

A transplant from the Midwest, she earned her master’s degree in Interior Architecture from Utah State University. In addition, Tonya secured her well-honed aesthetic chops as the former partner of a boutique design firm and as a senior designer for Barclay Butera Interiors. Beyond making things look pretty, Tonya sets herself apart with an extensive understanding of the construction process. Whether it’s drafting in CAD or working hand-in-hand with builders, Tonya’s knowledge manifests itself in everything that she designs.

I love homes, pure and simple. In fact, one of my favorite things to do while on vacation just about anywhere is to house stalk (you can imagine how much my kids loved that!). I love to look at houses – and I love to do it even more at night, when the lights are on and I can get a peek inside. I know – not creepy at all! I love making my own home comfortable and beautiful, and I love helping others do the same with their homes. It’s just so rewarding to see a house come together into a beautiful home. I am largely a self-taught designer – I developed my design eye and my design skills through many design classes, through experimenting on my own homes (not always with great results!), and through designing for neighbors, friends, and clients. My husband and I have bought, lived in, decorated, built from scratch, or renovated 13 homes of our own. (Wish I was kidding about the 13 houses, but unfortunately it’s true!) I have done everything from building new homes from scratch and working with architects and engineers on the design, to completely renovating a 180 year old farmhouse! I have also consulted on commercial and retail projects.

At the age of sixteen, Amy vowed her life to interiors. She devoted her spare time to Pinterest, studying design blogs and magazines, re-arranging her bedroom and all the DIY home decor projects a teen could afford. With winning submissions to FIDM’s yearly design contests, she knew she had what it’d take to make a career out of her passion. At the age of twenty one, Amy set off to California, diving head first into the world of design. It didn’t take long for her to land her dream internship at a high-end design firm, regardless of her in-field experience. She worked tirelessly over the next two years, learning everything she could about design and business, before she packed her bags and headed back home to Utah.

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