Elegant Simplicity is an interior design and professional organizing firm located in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington. The company, founded by Sherri Monte and her husband John, is dedicated to creating homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally organized, adhering to their philosophy of a home with “Everything You Need + Nothing More®”. They offer a variety of services including full-service design, design recipes, design consultations, and organizing, all aimed at crafting spaces that reflect the values and routines of their clients. Elegant Simplicity is unique in its approach to pricing, avoiding markup, per square foot, and hourly charges, and instead, works through a membership model. They also provide organizing memberships, design memberships, design recipes for stress-free kitchen or bathroom transformations, and immersive design consultations, both in-person and virtual, to assist clients in designing their homes independently. The firm has been recognized in various publications, including Architectural Digest and Southern Living, and has worked with a diverse clientele, from professional athletes to Fortune 100 Executives.

K&L Interiors is a boutique design studio located in Seattle, Washington, led by Kelly Lyons and Lauren Hockema. The firm specializes in creating custom home interiors that are meticulously tailored to each client’s taste and lifestyle, focusing on curating spaces with carefully selected furniture, décor, and designing kitchens, baths, and whole-home interiors for remodels and new constructions. With a background in high-end residential design, Kelly and Lauren have developed a keen appreciation for details and quality materials and furnishings, aiming to create timeless spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. K&L Interiors offers a range of services, including comprehensive interior design services for remodel and new build construction projects, furniture & décor selection and arrangement, and design consulting, which includes interior and exterior paint consultations and individual services like space planning and interior finish selection. The firm has been recognized in various media and comes highly recommended by both homeowners and contractors for their organization, creativity, and exceptional service.

Olson Kundig is a global design practice that operates with a collaborative approach, focusing on expanding the context of built and natural landscapes. With a portfolio that includes projects like The LeBron James Innovation Center at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, and ANOHA – The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin in Germany, the firm demonstrates a broad reach in the design world. Olson Kundig is involved in various types of design projects, including residential, like the Bilgola Beach House in Sydney, Australia, and Tofino Beach House in Tofino, Canada, showcasing their versatility and international presence. The firm is based in the United States, and they can be contacted through their website or via phone at +1 206 624 5670. Their work reflects a blend of architectural and natural elements, creating spaces that harmonize with their surroundings.

Kimberlee Marie Interiors is an interior design firm based in Seattle, WA, and also serving areas like Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina, and Clyde Hill. The firm emphasizes creating spaces that serve as sanctuaries where life’s most profound moments unfold. Their design approach is rooted in collaboration, aiming to translate clients’ dreams into spaces that nurture connection, foster belonging, and elevate everyday experiences. Kimberlee Marie Interiors is dedicated to providing thoughtful design that inspires exceptional experiences, and they offer a range of services to cater to various interior design needs. While specific details about their services are not provided on the website, they invite potential clients to get started with them and even offer a style quiz to help discover more about your design preferences. They can be contacted at (206) 708-3794 for more detailed inquiries.

Brio Interior Design is a Seattle, WA-based firm that is deeply rooted in principles that embrace creativity, curiosity, holistic thinking, and sustainability. The team at Brio is dedicated to bettering people’s lives through thoughtful, engaging, and sustainable design. They view each project as an opportunity to learn, explore, and share, always striving for the most sustainable outcome by sourcing materials from environmentally responsible makers and designing for longevity. Brio Interior Design also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and inclusivity, honoring diverse perspectives, and advancing equity and inclusion through design collaborations and the supply chain. They see themselves as facilitators in the design process, affirming each person’s expertise in their own life and incorporating this into their designs. The firm is located at 2024 E. Madison St., Seattle, WA 98122, and they invite potential clients and collaborators to contact them to explore how they can work together.

ZGF Architects has a rich history of 70 years in designing for people and place, connecting communities, and committing to the stewardship of people, place, and the environment. With a portfolio that includes projects like the Port of Portland, PDX Airport Main Terminal Expansion, and the University of Montana W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation, Science Lab & Teaching Complex, ZGF demonstrates a wide range of expertise across various sectors, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure. The firm is also involved in exploring and implementing sustainable and innovative solutions, such as mass timber construction in Montana and creating mental health care spaces that uplift, like the University of California, San Francisco, Nancy Friend Pritzker Psychiatry Building. ZGF Architects is not only focused on creating impactful designs but also shares insights and ideas on how architecture can address current challenges, such as healthcare issues related to long COVID and driving rapid decarbonization in design projects.

Blend Interior Design Studio is a full-service interior design firm located in Seattle, WA, dedicated to enhancing the interiors of their clients’ homes through meticulous planning, research, and design-oriented solutions. The firm believes in the consistency of architecture and design to create a cohesive design program that not only makes sense but also delights their clients. Whether a client’s home design style is contemporary or traditional, Blend Interior Design Studio strives for appropriate interior design services to create aesthetically appealing and functional spaces. They offer a range of services, including complete or partial design plans and other interior design services like consultations, always aiming to transform spaces within the client’s means. The firm is located at 1221 Minor Ave., Unit# 411, Seattle, WA 98101, and can be contacted at 206-965-0023

NB Design Group is a Seattle-based interior design firm with a minimalistic online presence, emphasizing their portfolio as a primary method of communicating their expertise and style. While specific details about their design philosophy, services, and products are not provided on the website, their portfolio showcases a wide range of styles and projects, indicating a versatile and experienced team. The firm is located at 1932 First Avenue, Suite 826, Seattle, Washington 98101, and they can be contacted via phone at 206.441.7754. For a more in-depth understanding of their offerings, approach, and previous projects, potential clients and collaborators might consider reaching out directly or visiting their physical location.

LMN Architects is a Seattle-based architecture, urban design, and interiors practice that emphasizes designing environments that elevate the social experience and empower people and communities to shape their futures. The firm adopts a transdisciplinary, research-based approach, with teams that may include architects, interior designers, urban designers, sustainability experts, and design researchers to align with the project vision. LMN Architects works on a variety of project types, including Arts + Culture, Convention Centers, Education, Transportation, Urban Design, and Urban Mixed Use, each with a focus on creating integrated, flexible environments that foster creativity and engage communities. Their projects aim to connect people to place and to each other, enriching surroundings and building a better experience collectively. The firm also engages in research and shares insights on sustainability and the path to zero carbon, reflecting a commitment to future-ready, resilient design.

NB Design Group is led by Principals and Interior Designers James Fung and Whitney Maehara since 2017, who bring a wealth of experience in luxury interior design and architecture to the firm. Their partnership is rooted in collaboration and empowers each other and their clients to bring exquisite interior visions to life. The team also includes Tiffany Taylor, a Project Designer with a focus on Architectural History and Public Art; Nadya Arnan, a Project Coordinator with a BA in Interior Design; Paula Shaw, the Accounting Manager with a BA in Communications and a background in operations and accounting systems; and Nancy Burfiend, the Founder of NB Design Group, who established the firm in 1988 and has a broad range of experience in various sectors. The firm is located at 1932 First Avenue, Suite 826, Seattle, Washington 98101, and can be contacted at 206.441.7754.

Board & Vellum is a multidisciplinary design firm based in Seattle, offering architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture services for a variety of residential, commercial, and civic projects. The firm prides itself on being an advocate for great design, regardless of the project size, and emphasizes clear communication, a collaborative design approach, and excellent project management throughout the design and construction process. Board & Vellum takes on a wide array of projects, from single-family homes to multifamily and mixed-use buildings, and from boutique commercial spaces to public parks, ensuring each design is holistically considered from varied perspectives. They are located at 115 15th Avenue East, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98112, and can be contacted at +1 206 707 8895

Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm with a presence in 53 locations across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The firm is deeply rooted in the belief of creating a better world through the power of design, with a focus on putting people at the center of everything they do. Gensler tackles a myriad of challenges facing cities and aims to shape a more resilient and equitable future for everyone by designing for the human experience. Their work spans various project types and scales, impacting millions of people’s lives daily through the spaces they create. Gensler is also committed to environmental leadership, social equity, and governance, with these principles being integral to their operations and project approaches. They offer insights through their research and blog, exploring topics like the future of work and city design, and they invite design professionals to explore career opportunities with them.

Miller Interior Design is a Seattle-based interior design firm that celebrates creating authentic personal surroundings that resonate with and celebrate the client’s unique identity and purpose. Keith Miller, the founder, emphasizes investing in luxurious comfort and good design, and he approaches each project with a philosophy that prioritizes the client’s unique personality and needs. The firm offers a range of design services, including designing private residences (“at HOME”), commercial tenant improvements (“at WORK”), and speculative & multi-family housing (“around TOWN”). Miller Interior Design is not only focused on creating aesthetically pleasing spaces but also on ensuring that these spaces work properly and feel just like the client. The firm is located at 1448 NW Market Street #500, Seattle, WA 98107, and can be contacted at (206) 226-7541.

Mithun is a design firm that seeks to create positive change through integrated and contextually-responsive designs, with a focus on projects that connect people to place and nature. The firm has been recognized for its work, such as the Louisiana Children’s Museum which won the 2022 AIA COTE Top Ten Award. Mithun is involved in various projects, including exploring the use of mass timber to maximize the benefits of nature in K-12 schools and creating affordable housing in the heart of San Francisco. Their work spans various sectors and they are dedicated to creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally and socially responsive. Mithun has offices in Seattle (Pier 56, 1201 Alaskan Way #200, Seattle, WA 98101, Phone: 206-623-3344), San Francisco (585 Howard Street #300, San Francisco, CA 94105, Phone: 415-956-0688), and Los Angeles (5837 Adams Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, Phone: 323-937-2150).

GGLO is a design practice that focuses on architecture, urban design, landscapes, and interiors, aiming to connect people through beauty and innovation by designing in extraordinary ways, even in ordinary circumstances. The firm, founded in 1986, operates across North America and has built a reputation for providing transformative and contextually sensitive design. With offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boise, GGLO works as a single, collaborative studio, ensuring an integrated practice in their approach to various projects. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, such as the 624 Yale Apartments, WSU Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center, Chambers Bay Resort, and Indian Creek Plaza, showcasing their expertise in various sectors including architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and more. GGLO is committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and is a participant in the International Living Future Institute’s JUST program.

Atelier Drome is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Seattle, WA, that believes good design has a positive impact and should be accessible to everyone. The firm, which recently moved to 119 South Main Street, Suite 310, Seattle, WA 98104, is a community of designers specializing in architecture, interior design, and branding. They create buildings, spaces, and identities grounded in connection—between individual and community, beauty and function, people and place. Atelier Drome offers a variety of services, including residential, hospitality, commercial, multi-family, interior design, and branding services, and they are licensed in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. The firm emphasizes creating special places and unites exceptional design with an approachable demeanor, aiming to create spaces that foster connection and enhance the user experience.

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer is a multidisciplinary architecture and interiors studio that creates modern yet timeless experiences in design. Their work spans various project types, including renovations and new constructions, and they emphasize creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust. Some of their featured works include the Lincoln Park project, which involved renovation and interiors; the Wyoming Retreat, which was a new construction and interior project; and the Hillside Sanctuary, a new construction project. The firm has been recognized in various media, such as being named one of the 2023 Best Interior Designers in Seattle by General Contractor Magazine. Hoedemaker Pfeiffer is dedicated to crafting spaces that resonate with the user and blend seamlessly with their surroundings, ensuring a harmonious and enriching spatial experience.

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