Carmit Oron Interior Design

Carmit Oron Interior Design is a boutique design firm that takes pride in transforming worn and dated spaces into beautiful and inviting environments. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the firm also collaborates with clients globally, handling both large-scale and smaller projects. The team enjoys working closely with clients and appreciates when they are trusted to deliver aesthetically surprising results. Their services span from large-scale remodels to simple quick makeovers, assisting in transforming spaces to reflect personal tastes and styles. They manage various stages of projects, including designing new layouts for existing spaces, selecting building materials, fine-tuning finishes, collaborating with builders, decorating spaces with furniture and accessories, and creating custom pieces tailor-made for specific spaces. The firm has worked on several notable projects, such as the complete remodel of a 4000 sq ft house, which included major changes to the floor plans of the kitchen, entryway, dining room, and guest bathroom. They also share their experiences and stories from various projects, like transforming old spaces into bold new ones in Mountain View, on their website and Instagram.

Fritz Hansen – Twin Gable House

Fritz Hansen is known for its premium quality, classic, and modern furniture designs, and it often features various inspirational stories and residential cases on its website. The Twin Gable House might be one of the residential cases they have featured, but for detailed information, direct visiting of the website might be necessary.

Sunnyvale Mid Century House by Carmit Oron Interior Design

The Sunnyvale Mid Century House underwent a major renovation under the expert guidance of Carmit Oron Interior Design. This comprehensive project embraced various spaces within the home, including a new kitchen, living room, family room, three bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. The clients, who are avid fans of the mid-century modern aesthetic, prioritized ample storage, leading to the design of custom-made mid-century style vanities for each bathroom, ensuring practical storage solutions. The project also involved the collection of elements such as new furniture, accessories, and art pieces that complement the space, all while adhering to a tight timeframe and a well-defined vision.

In the kitchen, customized slab kitchen cabinets and tiles from Fireclay were selected, with handmade tiles offering subtle variations in shape, hue, and depth, becoming a focal point of the room. The family room transformation began with the fireplace and expanded to include rift white oak veneer from the kitchen cabinets, transforming it into a modern piece and visually tying it together with the kitchen area. The master bedroom was enhanced with mid-century patterned wallpaper from Etsy, introducing a fabric texture and a pattern that added personality to the room. The master bathroom features a custom-made mid-century style vanity with a medium-toned walnut color stain, black and white textured ceramic tiles in a basket weave layout, and black and brass hardware for a modern yet classy feel. Each custom vanity in the kids’ bathroom and the powder room, while maintaining the same wood stain and overall look, was designed to serve the different needs of its users, such as a pull-out laundry closet in the kids’ bathroom.

Designer Tips for Window Coverings by Windows & Beyond, Inc.

Windows & Beyond, Inc. provides insightful designer tips for choosing window coverings in Los Altos, CA, ensuring that homeowners can turn their houses into homes with the right aesthetic and functional choices. One notable tip for using curtains or drapes as window coverings is to hang them high and wide, which can create an illusion of larger windows and, consequently, a more spacious room. Drapes or curtains should be hung about a foot above the window frame and the rods should be extended three to six inches away from the window frame sides, ensuring an unobstructed view and maximum natural light when they are open.

Urbanism Designs

Urbanism Designs is a multifaceted interior design and build studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in crafting well-appointed, enduring, and inviting spaces that are not only bespoke and modern but also bright and welcoming. The studio enjoys blending various styles to achieve an eclectic vibe and undertakes a range of projects, including new constructions, renovations, and furnishings. The team at Urbanism Designs takes inspiration from clients’ visions and functional needs, always mindful of budget and timeline constraints. They firmly believe that the spaces they design should be infused with creativity and personality, ensuring they are never mundane. The studio is not only passionate about their work but also deeply committed to ensuring that the spaces they create are elevated and vibrant, reflecting a blend of form, function, and fun.

AO Architects

AO Architects is a comprehensive architectural firm with a rich portfolio spanning various domains, including multifamily, retail, hospitality, restaurant, mixed-use, office, industrial, parking, landscape, interiors, and several other specialized areas. With 49 years of experience, 17 studios, 7 offices, and a team of 350 people, AO Architects operates with a core belief that they are “Better Together.” They have undertaken numerous projects, each reflecting a blend of architectural expertise and innovative design. Some of their showcased projects include “Solis Park & The Cave Community Center” inspired by California’s natural beauty, “Dove Canyon Medical Office” which combines striking aesthetics with optimal patient care, and “Bolsa Pacific at Westminster,” which transformed a former mall into a modern mixed-use destination.

AO Architects is not only focused on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces but also on building relationships and fostering a vibrant company culture. They engage in various activities and events, such as the Nick Macneil Memorial Cornhole Tournament, and maintain a lively presence on social media, showcasing their projects, achievements, and company happenings.

LinkedIn 880 W. Maude by STUDIOS Architecture

STUDIOS Architecture undertook a comprehensive renovation of a former one-story warehouse to create a flexible, high-performance workplace designed for Net Zero at LinkedIn 880 W. Maude, Sunnyvale, CA. The project, which spans 40,000 sq ft and was completed in 2016, serves as an inspiration for the future of numerous similar concrete buildings throughout Silicon Valley. A notable feature is a new skylight that channels natural light into a central, park-like gathering area.

The project was designed to LEED Platinum standards but opted not to pursue certification; instead, funds were allocated to purchase additional solar panels. It is seeking Net Zero certification by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Key elements of the project include a 245 kW Photovoltaic (PV) system to offset energy consumption, 778 315W Canadian Solar Panels, an operational design to function at less than 30 EUI, seventeen Haiku Smart Fans to minimize cooling demand, an all-electric VRF HVAC system with 100% outside air handling units with heat recovery, and twenty louver-controlled skylights over the open work area. Additionally, one large interior skylight brings the outdoors into the main gathering/break area, and a Lucid Energy Monitoring System is implemented. The structure was seismically upgraded to support PV panels, 4” of rigid roof insulation was added, and sixteen parking spots are dedicated to electric vehicle charging.

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel Sunnyvale by SB Architects

SB Architects have crafted a design narrative for the Luxury Lifestyle Hotel in Sunnyvale, California, that intertwines the agrarian history of Silicon Valley with modern architectural storytelling. The design brings forward a localized identity in the hotel’s design by aligning the vision with the culture and surrounding environment, and acknowledging Sunnyvale’s history of growth, innovation, and its agricultural past. The hotel is operated by 1 Hotels and Resorts and is categorized as an Urban Resort.

Whole Foods Market Sunnyvale by DL English Design

DL English Design, known for its expertise in hospitality and retail design, took on the project of Whole Foods Market located on East McKinley Avenue, Sunnyvale, California. The services provided encompassed space planning, interior design, design development, environmental graphics, and décor fabrication & installation. The project was a collaborative effort in interior architectural design between DL English Design and Studio Gee.

Lavan Construction

Lavan Construction, based in Sunnyvale, CA, presents itself as the number one contractor in the Bay Area, offering a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for design, build, and material services. With a business history dating back to 1982, Lavan Construction provides a singular point of responsibility for various construction needs, ensuring a seamless process from architectural design and engineering to obtaining permits and selecting materials. They also handle interior design, supply all finish materials, and manage the construction process from start to finish.

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