V Starr Interiors is a renowned interior design firm known for its collaborative and versatile approach to creating bespoke spaces. Founded by tennis champion Venus Williams, the firm brings a competitive edge to design, striving for perfection in every project. Their portfolio is a testament to their diverse expertise, showcasing a range of projects from residential to commercial, each characterized by a unique blend of functionality and style.

Praised for their proficiency in space planning and materials, V Starr is not just a design firm but a part of the team they work with, fully committed to the collective vision. Clients like Steven Schwartz of Midtown Athletic Club Hotel, Jorge Perez of The Related Group, Chad Cooley of AWH Partners, LLC, and Anthony W. Greenberg of JBG Smith commend V Starr for their attention to detail, clear and informative communication, and exceptional budget management. The firm’s ability to be responsive, attentive, and professional makes them a preferred choice for various interior design needs.

Krista Home is distinguished in the interior design industry for its creativity, uniqueness, and strong focus on client satisfaction. The firm is highly recommended for those seeking a contemporary Florida aesthetic, offering a fresh take on local style. They are currently engaged with clients in planning renovations, demonstrating their comprehensive services that span from conceptualization to implementation.

Clients choose Krista Home for their exceptional customer service and the team’s ability to deliver a distinct look and feel that resonates with the vibrant ambiance of Florida. Their approach is hands-on, working closely with clients to ensure a shared vision. The team’s dedication is evident in their ongoing projects, where they consistently exhibit not just design expertise, but also a commitment to making the design journey enjoyable and stress-free for their clients.

One client, Jon, highlights the wonderful experience of working with Krista Home, praising their innovative approach and strong client-oriented mindset. This testimonial underscores the firm’s reputation as not just creators of beautiful spaces, but also as professionals who prioritize their clients’ needs and visions.

Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors was established in 2015 by Ellen Kavanaugh, who brought nearly a decade of experience and a passion for designing exquisite homes vibrant with everyday living. Ellen’s approachable personality and easy rapport with clients facilitate a deep understanding of their creative visions. With an 18-year career motivated by the desire to create inviting, multi-faceted, and lively spaces, her style is refined yet relaxed, reflecting influences from the natural Atlantic seaboard, southern charm, the warmth of the Caribbean, and European classicism.

In just five years, her namesake firm has become a leading force in East Coast interior design, with Ellen herself emerging as one of the most sought-after designers in the region. She has significantly influenced the evolution of the quintessential Palm Beach home, both modernizing and conserving its distinctive appeal.

A professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers since 2005, Ellen’s work has earned acclaim in prominent design publications like Veranda, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and Southern Living. Her designs are not just spaces but soulful homes that resonate with elegance and warmth, mirroring her comprehensive aesthetic sense and dedication to her craft.

McCann Design Group, one of Palm Beach’s premier interior design firms, is celebrated for its fresh, sophisticated approach to creating beautiful, inviting spaces. The firm draws inspiration from the coastal subtropics’ light and hues, merging classic elegance with contemporary elements. They have brought their passion for lighter, brighter interiors to numerous stunning homes in locations ranging from Palm Beach to Boston, Carmel, Chicago, Islamorada, Nantucket, and Southampton.

Deeply ingrained in the Palm Beach community, McCann Design Group is committed to fostering rewarding, harmonious collaborations with clients, architects, builders, contractors, and tradesmen involved in each project. Their highly skilled team pays meticulous attention to every aspect of a design project, ensuring complete transparency with billing and unwavering respect for the client’s unique needs. Every new endeavor is an opportunity for the team to blend their talents to craft spaces that exude their hallmark mix of comfort and style.

In 2013, the group expanded their presence with the opening of HIVE HOME, GIFT & GARDEN in West Palm Beach, a home store offering an array of hand-picked furniture, lighting, home accessories, gifts, stationery, and florals. This venture grew with the launch of HIVE FOR HER, HIM & KIDS in 2019, leading to the HIVE COLLECTIVE, a selection of brands dedicated to luxury products and high-quality services. Their latest project, HIVE BAKERY & CAFE, showcases their impeccable aesthetic and commitment to community engagement.

REG Architects, Inc., established in 1988, is a Hispanic Minority Business Enterprise (HMBE) and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) based in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing in Architecture, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, and Community Planning, REG Architects is renowned for its comprehensive design services and deep roots in the community.

The firm was founded over 30 years ago as a father-son collaboration between Rick and Ricardo Gonzalez, marking the inception of a dynamic architectural team that now boasts over 80 years of combined experience. This legacy of familial leadership continues to influence the firm’s operations today, with Rick Gonzalez at the helm, overseeing six critical departments: operations, finance, interiors, design, production, and construction.

REG Architects stands out not just for its longevity but for its diverse specialization. From preserving historical sites to crafting modern interiors and shaping community landscapes, the firm embodies a multifaceted approach to architectural design. This versatility is backed by a robust team concept, ensuring expertise in various aspects of architecture and design, and a cohesive approach to project management.

Their commitment to excellence isn’t just evident in their work but also recognized in the industry, as the firm has been the recipient of numerous awards. REG Architects continues to shape the architectural landscape of Florida, offering a blend of aesthetic elegance, historical respect, and forward-thinking design.

Alexandra Naranjo Designs is a Palm Beach-based interior design firm that specializes in infusing true luxury into the everyday lives of its clients. Each project undertaken is treated as a unique piece, custom-tailored to reflect the client’s personal story, history, and style. Founder Alexandra Naranjo and her team possess a deep understanding of the local design landscape, extending from materials, furnishings, and accessories to a network of skilled artisans and reputable contractors.

Clients seeking a one-of-a-kind home characterized by impeccable quality, fit, and finish will find Alexandra’s bespoke practice an ideal match. Her approach combines true passion, classic elegance, and innovation, ensuring that creating a beautiful home is not just an aesthetic decision but a valuable investment. Recognized as one of the world’s leading design names in 2019, the firm is adept at managing projects of all scopes and sizes, emphasizing the importance of excellent communication, detailed documentation, and timeless, custom design.

The team at Alexandra Naranjo Designs celebrates the client’s decision to invest in a personalized design, eagerly anticipating the journey of transforming each space through a shared vision of luxury and elegance. Their commitment goes beyond mere design, offering an immersive experience that resonates with the client’s aspirations and lifestyle.

Rogers Design Group believes that every space holds its unique atmosphere, a personal ambiance that reflects an individual’s sensibilities, lifestyle, and values. For over 35 years, this Palm Beach interior design firm has been creating exceptional, personalized rooms and architectural designs for an exclusive clientele across Palm Beach County and other elite communities nationwide.

Led by principal designer Lorraine Rogers-Bolton, Rogers Design Group is distinguished by its fusion of creativity, innovation, integrity, and a well-honed process, all underpinned by a solid foundation of professionalism. Their approach is client-centric, ensuring a design experience as satisfying, personal, and exceptional as the spaces they create.

The firm fosters a culture of creativity, bringing functional innovation to every aspect of the client’s experience. From the initial meeting to the final reveal of the newly designed space, every step is orchestrated with the client as the focal point. This commitment extends to their innovative spirit, as Rogers Design Group consistently explores and examines emerging methods, materials, and systems to discover alternative solutions and address complex design, space, and structural challenges.

Their integrity is a cornerstone, emphasized by a simple yet profound commitment: they do what they say. This principle, coupled with their extensive experience, positions Rogers Design Group as a leader in delivering spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a true reflection of each client’s unique persona.

KRM Design Group is a distinguished interior design firm with operations in Tampa and Orlando, specializing in luxury residential projects. The firm is committed to creating timeless, comfortable, and beautiful spaces that truly reflect the individual style and needs of their clients. Their expertise is broad, handling residential projects that range from new constructions and renovations to custom furnishings.

What sets KRM Design Group apart is their comprehensive approach to design. They are involved in every stage of the process, from the initial planning and consultation to the final accessorizing and staging. Their services are extensive, including new construction, renovations, custom cabinetry, interior construction drawings, space planning, and much more. They also manage project details, budgets, schedules, and on-site installations, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients.

The firm prides itself on its client-centric design process. Every project begins with an in-depth discussion to understand the client’s vision, style, and functional needs for the space. This is followed by the creative process of space planning, selecting finishes, fixtures, and furniture, and setting up appointments with trades if necessary. They handle the purchasing and procurement phase meticulously, managing each vendor and ensuring that every piece is delivered in perfect condition. The final phase involves the installation of furnishings, art, and accessories, culminating in a transformed space that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

KRM Design Group’s philosophy is centered around “designing livable luxury.” They strive to deliver comfortable luxury in every project, ensuring that homes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to the client’s lifestyle. Their commitment to innovative design and exceptional service is evident in every aspect of their work.

Haleh Design Inc is a luxury interior design firm located in Palm Beach, Florida, known for its expertise in turnkey, high-end, custom residential designs. The firm stands out for its commitment to providing comprehensive custom interior design services, ensuring that each project is not only a reflection of the client’s vision but also a masterpiece of functionality, beauty, and sophistication.

At the helm of each project is Haleh, who assembles and directs a team of adept designers, architects, and project managers, each skilled in various aspects of programming, planning, and design. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless design process, where every stage — from conception to the meticulous execution of every final detail — is handled with utmost precision and dedication.

What further distinguishes Haleh Design Inc is their network of experts and artisans, each a master in their field. This network streamlines the design process, ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed to perfection. The result is a space that is not just luxurious but also a true embodiment of the client’s style, preferences, and aspirations.

Haleh Design Inc’s approach to design is holistic, considering not just the aesthetics of a space but also its ambiance, functionality, and harmony with the client’s lifestyle. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence make Haleh Design Inc a go-to firm for clients seeking a luxurious, personalized living space.

Jason Ball Interiors operates out of West Palm Beach, Florida, and can be characterized by a commitment to bringing unique interior design solutions to a variety of spaces. The website doesn’t provide extensive information, but the firm’s contact details suggest a personalized approach, inviting potential clients to reach out directly for inquiries. This direct line of communication indicates a client-centric philosophy, emphasizing tailored solutions and individual client relationships. The firm’s choice to present minimal web content could be a strategic one, implying their work’s quality speaks for itself, and the true value of their services is best communicated through personal interaction.

Haleh Design Inc is a luxury interior design firm located in Palm Beach, Florida, known for its high-end, custom residential designs. Offering turnkey solutions, Haleh Design stands out for its comprehensive approach to each project, assembling a team of skilled designers, architects, and project managers. The firm extends its network to include experts and artisans, ensuring a streamlined design process from conception to the final details. This approach underscores their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, promising a bespoke experience for each client.

Coco House & Company, led by owner and principal designer Stefani de Laville, is a boutique interior design firm in West Palm Beach, Florida. The firm is celebrated for its high-end custom interiors and personalized design creations, with successful commissions spanning various locations. Stefani and her team of artisans and craftspeople are known for creating detailed, layered spaces using a sophisticated palette of colors and textures. Her style, described as “Bohemian chic,” is influenced by her extensive education and passion for travel, reflecting a rich architectural knowledge from around the world.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design, based in Palm Beach, is distinguished for its long-standing experience and meticulous attention to detail in high-end interior design. With over 37 years in the industry and more than 500 national and regional design awards, the firm prides itself on delivering unique and luxurious spaces. Their philosophy, “the difference is in the details,” is evident in their work, showcasing rare fabrics and one-of-a-kind furnishings sourced globally. Their reputation as one of the country’s most respected luxury interior design firms is further cemented by their recognition in Architectural Digest’s “Top 100 Designers of the World.”

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