Noble Designs offers a carefully curated collection of interior design essentials, ranging from textiles and pillows to wallpaper, lighting, and furniture, all selected with an eye for exceptional quality and style. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, their selection caters to a diverse clientele, looking to elevate their home aesthetics with unique and sophisticated products. Noble Designs prides itself on providing an exclusive shopping experience, allowing customers to find perfect, statement-making pieces that reflect their personal style and enhance their living spaces.

Madden McFarland stands as a beacon of interior design excellence in Kansas City, offering an extensive range of styles for residential and commercial settings. This interior design firm distinguishes itself by delivering bespoke design solutions that encapsulate the essence of distinctive living. Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out and explore the unique blend of creativity and functionality that Madden McFarland brings to every project, ensuring each space is exactly what the client envisioned, all in one place.

Lisa Schmitz Interior Design, based in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in transforming spaces into modern, thoughtfully designed environments. With a dedicated team led by Lisa Schmitz, the firm focuses on creating interiors that resonate with clients’ personalities while emphasizing sleek and innovative design solutions. The studio is a hub of creativity and precision, inviting clients to collaborate and craft spaces that stand out for their elegance and attention to detail.

Hoke Ley in Kansas City is committed to excellence in interior design, offering services that extend beyond the ordinary to encapsulate modern and sleek styles. Their talented design staff is dedicated to elevating interiors with high-quality, innovative design solutions tailored to each client’s unique preferences and lifestyle. Hoke Ley’s approach to interior design combines artistic vision with functional design to create spaces that are both beautiful and livable, serving clients in Kansas City and beyond.

Erica Kay Remodeling+Design, renowned for bespoke kitchen remodeling in Kansas City, emphasizes the importance of creating spaces that reflect the homeowner’s individuality. Erica Kay stands out as Kansas City’s kitchen remodel and design expert, offering personalized design solutions that transform kitchens into unique, functional, and stylish spaces. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that every kitchen project she undertakes meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

ML Designs has earned its reputation as Kansas City’s premier interior design agency, being voted the Best Interior Designer by Kansas City Magazine for two consecutive years. This full-service interior design firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive design services across the Kansas City area, focusing on creating spaces that perfectly reflect clients’ tastes and lifestyles. ML Designs’ commitment to excellence and personalized service has solidified its position as a leader in the interior design industry.

Salt Creek Interior Design, nestled in Hutchinson, KS, offers bespoke interior design services with a personal touch. Emphasizing a collaborative approach, the design studio focuses on crafting spaces that truly represent the client’s vision and style. With a commitment to creativity and quality, Salt Creek Interior Design ensures that every project is a reflection of their dedication to transforming spaces into beautiful, functional environments that clients will love for years to come.

Coulas Homes is renowned for its ability to handle both expansive and intimate interior design projects in Kansas City, offering modern and innovative design solutions. Proudly serving the Kansas City area, Coulas Homes is dedicated to bringing clients’ visions to life, whether the project is residential or commercial. Their pride in their work is evident in every design, showcasing their commitment to creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflective of the client’s personal style and functional needs.

Helix Architecture + Design, with offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Denver, stands as a formidable firm specializing in architecture and interior design. Their commitment to creating spaces that are innovative, sustainable, and perfectly aligned with clients’ visions underscores their reputation for excellence. Helix Architecture + Design’s approach to each project is holistic, considering every aspect of design to ensure the final product is not just a space but a truly transformative environment.

Sapp Design Architects, with locations in Springfield, MO, and Kansas City, MO, brings over three decades of award-winning experience to each project. As a public-focused architecture firm, they are dedicated to designing spaces that enrich communities and elevate the everyday experiences of individuals. Their expansive portfolio showcases a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, making Sapp Design Architects a key player in shaping the architectural landscape.

Sacksteder’s Interiors in Fort Thomas, KY, is recognized for its comprehensive approach to interior decorating, offering a wide range of services from furnishings to home décor, as well as overseeing new builds, remodels, and room renovations. Serving not just Fort Mitchell but all of Kenton County, Kentucky, Sacksteder’s is dedicated to transforming any space into a beautifully designed area that reflects the client’s personal taste and enhances their living experience. Their commitment to quality and client satisfaction has established them as a trusted name in interior design, inviting homeowners to explore their vast collection and services for a seamless design experience.

Matthew Carter Interiors, based in Lexington, Kentucky, stands out for its exceptional interior design services, marked by a profound understanding of aesthetic appeal and functional design. With a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Mediator, Matthew Carter brings a unique perspective to interior design, emphasizing environments that not only look beautiful but also contribute to the well-being of the occupants. His portfolio showcases a versatile range of styles, demonstrating his ability to cater to various client preferences while maintaining a high standard of design excellence.

Sacksteder’s Interiors extends its quality interior decorating services to Florence, KY, where they continue to offer expertise in selecting the perfect furnishings, home décor, and overseeing both new and remodeled projects. By serving Edgewood and the entirety of its surrounding regions, Sacksteder’s ensures that each client receives tailored design solutions that elevate their space to new heights of elegance and comfort. Their dedication to enhancing each client’s home or commercial space through thoughtful design makes them a cornerstone of the local interior design community.

Kristen Pawlak of KP Designs in Louisville, KY, has been creating unique and sophisticated interiors since 2008, providing clients with customized design solutions that truly reflect their personal style and functional needs. As a full-service design firm, KP Designs prides itself on its ability to transform any space into an aesthetically pleasing and practical environment. Owned by Kristen Pawlak, the firm is committed to excellence in every project, ensuring that each design is as unique as its homeowner.

Laura Lee Interior Design offers Kentucky-based interior design services with a distinct southern charm that skillfully mixes old elements with new. Specializing in new build management and residential remodels, Laura serves clients with a keen eye for timeless design, ensuring each project reflects her distinct style while catering to the individual needs of her clients. Her approach to design emphasizes the creation of spaces that are not only beautiful but also deeply personal and functional.

Joseph & Joseph Architects, located in Louisville, KY, has built a reputation for innovative architecture, interior design, and master planning. Their continued relationship with brands like Angel’s Envy exemplifies their ability to design spaces that enhance brand identity while addressing functional requirements. With a history of creating distinctive and effective design solutions, Joseph & Joseph Architects remains a key player in shaping the built environment.

Curk Interiors – Decorating Den Inc, serving the Cincinnati area, including Mason, OH, and Loveland, offers premier interior decorating services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. Their commitment to providing outstanding design solutions is evident in their personalized approach, ensuring that every project reflects the client’s vision and enhances their living environment.

Natalie O Design in the Highlands, Louisville, KY, is celebrated for its trust-based collaborations and daring designs. Specializing in modern additions, kitchen renovations, and master bath overhauls, Natalie O Design delivers stunning results that transform ordinary spaces into remarkable homes, showcasing the firm’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

Commerce Lexington Inc. features a directory of Interior Designers & Decor services, providing a valuable resource for those seeking professional design expertise in Lexington, KY. This directory underscores the vibrant design community in Lexington, offering access to a wide range of interior design and decor professionals capable of transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.

PDR Interiors, renowned for its work in Greek housing interior decorating, showcases its expertise in creating stunning designs for sorority houses across the country. As a leader in the field, PDR Interiors’ projects exemplify their commitment to excellence and innovation in interior design, catering specifically to the unique needs and tastes of Greek living communities.

JRA Architects, with offices in Louisville and Lexington, provides opportunities for architects and interior designers to excel within a collaborative work environment. Their approach to architecture and interior design emphasizes creativity, sustainability, and community engagement, contributing to the firm’s reputation for delivering projects that are both visually appealing and functionally sound.

KRM Design Group is a leading full-service interior design firm based in Tampa and Orlando, specializing in luxury residential projects across central Florida. The firm’s commitment to creating timeless, comfortable spaces tailored to each client’s needs and style is evident in their approach to both new construction and renovation projects. With a focus on residential design, KRM Design Group works closely with clients to ensure every aspect of the design process, from initial planning to final installation, reflects the client’s vision and lifestyle.

Their portfolio showcases a variety of featured projects such as Sapphire Point, Lakewood Ranch, and Trinidad Bay, highlighting their versatility and skill in transforming spaces into elegant, functional environments. Clients like John and Janet praise KRM for their professionalism, attention to detail, and the enjoyable process of working together on design projects.

Dkor Interiors, a premier Miami residential interior design studio, is celebrated for its innovative and personalized approach to interior design. Led by Principal Ivonne Ronderos and Lead Interior Designer Anahi Carrillo, the team at Dkor Interiors is committed to creating environments that reflect the mantra, “I am because we are,” underscoring the importance of community and personal connection in their design process. Their work is a testament to their belief in designing spaces that not only look magnificent but also resonate deeply with the individuals who inhabit them, ensuring that every project is a unique reflection of its owners.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc., known globally for its full-service interior design, ranks among the top interior designers in Florida. Specializing in creating highly differentiated products, Marc-Michaels caters to clients seeking bespoke design solutions that stand out for their creativity, sophistication, and attention to detail. Their reputation for excellence in design is well recognized, making them a preferred choice for those looking to create spaces that are both visually stunning and uniquely personal.

Krista + Home, a top Palm Beach interior design firm, has achieved significant recognition, including a 2023 Seaglass Award for “Best Renovation” from Florida Design Magazine and the title of “2023 Best Designer” in Modern Luxury. Their commitment to excellence in design is evident in their ability to transform spaces into elegant, functional, and inviting environments that reflect the unique lifestyles and tastes of their clients.

SDH Studio in Miami is distinguished by its award-winning team of interior designers, known for their innovative and dedicated approach to design. SDH Studio excels in creating spaces that combine aesthetic beauty with practical functionality, making them one of the leading interior design studios in Miami for those seeking creative and effective design solutions.

Lisa G Interior Design in Jacksonville, Florida, balances beauty and functionality in every project. Recognized for their technical skill and creativity, the firm specializes in commercial and residential interior design, offering services that ensure each space they design serves its intended purpose while also achieving a high level of aesthetic appeal.

The regulation of interior design in Florida, as outlined by Chapter 481 of the Florida Statutes and Rule 61G1 of the Florida Administrative Code, emphasizes the state’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the practice of interior design. This regulation ensures that interior designers in Florida meet specific professional standards, contributing to the overall quality and integrity of the design industry within the state.

Brianna Michelle Design, led by Founder and Principal Designer Brianna Michelle, is a full-service interior design firm known for its ability to balance beauty and functionality. With a focus on delivering projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, Brianna Michelle Design has established itself as a key player in the interior design field, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The taxation of interior design services in Florida, as detailed in Rule 12A-1.001(2)(a)1 of the Florida Administrative Code, highlights the state’s approach to taxing the fees associated with interior decorating and design. This regulation underscores the importance of understanding the financial aspects of interior design practice, ensuring that designers and their clients are aware of the tax implications of their services.

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