Everything Home is a boutique home remodeling and design company based in Carmel, specializing in luxury renovation projects. Offering a comprehensive concept through construction experience, they aim to design, build, and furnish projects with a focus on transformative luxury. The company boasts an in-house team of experts that integrates specialty skills, proven processes, and systems for a uniquely interactive, collaborative, and informed design-build process. They highlight their strong reputation on Houzz with nearly 100 glowing client reviews. Services include interior design, premium remodeling, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, all characterized by a seamless approach combining design and construction through one team, ensuring streamlined communication, faster completion, and greater cost efficiency. The company also prides itself on delivering luxurious custom design and remodeling that exceeds expectations, supported by a portfolio that includes 5 Homearama homes, 10 luxury models, and numerous awards. Their Experience Studio in Carmel serves as a hub for clients to explore their style and begin their design-build process. Everything Home is dedicated to transforming exclusive Indianapolis-area homes and estates into reality, ensuring each project is both stunning and functional.


The Indiana Design Center serves as a comprehensive hub for both design professionals and the public, aimed at facilitating redecoration, remodeling, building, or purchasing for homes. Located in Carmel, Indiana, it houses over 15 showrooms that offer access to a wide range of residential and commercial design products from both national brands and Indiana-based companies. The center encourages starting any design project within its premises, providing retail and trade offerings, connections with design professionals, and hosting industry events. It showcases the synergy of design elements and the collaborative potential within the design community, including showrooms, design professionals, artists, and a plethora of possibilities for any design project. The center also highlights notable expansions and achievements within its community, such as Ferguson’s expansion and AR Homes Indianapolis earning a top national accolade, emphasizing its role as a vital resource for the latest in design news, interior design topics, and industry events.


Gold Squirrel Interiors, led by Amie, offers personalized interior decor consulting and remodeling solutions, focusing on capturing the unique needs, style preferences, and desires of their clients. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver designs that are both creative and tailored to each client’s vision, achieved through intentional conversation and a deep understanding of their clients’ aspirations. Testimonials highlight Amie’s talent for quickly understanding tastes and proposing designs that clients love from the start, emphasizing the seamless, affordable, and high-quality nature of her work. Gold Squirrel Interiors not only respects budgets but also maintains timeliness in their project execution. Clients appreciate the company for its ability to pull together ideas, source materials, and work with contractors who strive to meet Amie’s high standards. The testimonials underscore Amie’s calming presence, her ability to alleviate project anxieties, and her knack for transforming spaces in ways that reflect the client’s tastes uniquely and elegantly. The feedback from clients like Heidi, Ashley, Mike, Claudia, and Shimon attests to the dramatic difference Amie’s knowledge and talent can make in transforming a home into a reflection of the clients’ personal style, all while being budget-conscious and ensuring a smooth design process.


J. Gauker Interiors, led by Jamie Gauker, is an Indianapolis-based interior design firm that caters to clients looking to build or transform their dream homes. With over 20 years of experience, Jamie and her team specialize in sophisticated and detail-driven design, focusing on full interior design services in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, and Zionsville. The firm emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional interior designer to avoid costly mistakes, save time, and ensure clients love their homes. J. Gauker Interiors offers a range of services from finishing touches to full room renovations and new home construction, promising a partnership approach to each project. Testimonials from clients highlight the firm’s ability to merge new/modern designs with existing items to create appealing transitional looks, their vast resources and ideas to suit any budget, and their professionalism and personability. Jamie’s approach ensures that clients are confident in their decisions, with a commitment to never letting them make a bad choice, thereby saving time, avoiding costly errors, and ultimately loving their homes.


Jeff Sheats Designs, based in Indianapolis, offers full-service interior design specializing in the design, build or remodel, and furnishing of high-quality homes, condos, and vacation properties worldwide. Jeff Sheats, the lead designer and house manager, emphasizes creating interiors tailored to the client’s lifestyle and inner desires through an exclusive discovery tool named It’s You™. This approach ensures that each project is perfectly suited to the client and their family, with incredible attention to every detail. The firm is known for its unparalleled interior design, construction implementation, and house management skills, along with broad industry contacts to achieve client goals on budget and on time. Services offered include design, build/remodel, furnishing, and house management. Jeff Sheats Designs prides itself on receiving numerous awards and showcasing a diverse portfolio ranging from colorful colonial collections to historic cottage revivals and contemporary city escapes. Jeff encourages potential clients to start their projects by sharing their vision, promising personalized attention and expertise to bring their interior design dreams to life.


Whittney Parkinson Design, led by Whittney Parkinson, is an interior design firm known for balancing eclectic yet timeless design. Growing up with parents in the design field and frequently visiting construction sites, Whittney’s early exposure to design played a significant role in her career. She merges her background in art with interior design and architecture to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients. The firm offers a whole home experience, guiding clients through every step of the way, from new build construction to whole home renovations. Whittney Parkinson Design is committed to creating stress-free processes for clients, ensuring a personalized approach to each project. The firm’s projects, such as the 1930s Penn Reno and Chatham Hills, showcase its ability to blend classic elements with modern touches, achieving warm, inviting, and unique spaces. The company prides itself on attention to detail, utilizing classic elements like bespoke cabinetry, warm wood floors, marble surfaces, and high-end light fixtures to create elegant finishes and a sense of warmth and distinction in each home.


Lafayette Custom Interiors, based in Lafayette, Indiana, specializes in collaborating with homeowners, business owners, and building professionals to design new spaces and redesign existing ones. The firm handles projects of all sizes and budgets, focusing on whole room and whole home interior design. They pride themselves on their ability to not only create aesthetically pleasing spaces but also facilitate a well-organized construction process that distinguishes their approach from others. Lafayette Custom Interiors is dedicated to improving clients’ lives without causing disruption, highlighting their commitment to both beauty and efficiency in interior design. Their services extend to a variety of interior design needs, ensuring that each project is handled with meticulous attention to detail and a personalized touch, aiming to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of each space they work on.


Winland Designs, an Indianapolis-based interior design firm, specializes in transforming houses into functional, beautiful homes that reflect the true style and personality of their clients. Offering one-on-one design services and hand-picked products tailored to individual styles, spaces, and budgets, Winland Designs commits to creating spaces where clients can relax, unwind, and be their most authentic selves. Their process includes sharing inspiration, goals, and budget with clients, working hands-on to bring visions to life with floor plans, design concepts, detailed shopping lists, and 3D renderings of the actual space. This approach ensures clients feel confident with the design. Additionally, Winland Designs manages the entire order process, delivering and installing all furnishings and styling homes down to the last detail. Testimonials highlight the firm’s ability to elevate spaces into cohesive designs, offer personalized solutions that fit spaces and lifestyles, and provide eDesign packages for a more accessible design process. Clients praise Emilee, the designer behind Winland Designs, for her detailed, thorough, and flexible approach to projects, emphasizing her talent in completing projects that exceed expectations.


Kristin Ann Interior Design, located in Westfield, Indiana, is a home interior design and staging consult company that services Hamilton County, Boone County, Indianapolis, and several surrounding areas. Specializing in a broad range of services, from renovation and new construction to selecting paint colors and providing floor plans and 3D imaging for remodel projects, the company aims to transform clients’ imaginations into reality. With strong vendor and construction relationships, Kristin Ann Interior Design assists with projects from design to completion and is willing to work with preferred contractors and vendors of clients. Their mission is to enhance living spaces by reflecting the client’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences in a unique, tailored, and timeless design. Additionally, they offer specialized services for real estate agents and sellers to maximize home presentations and achieve higher returns, including staging consults, providing design advice, and repurposing existing decor. Testimonials praise the company for its great customer service, high-quality execution, and the ability to sell homes quickly above the listing price, highlighting the impact of their work on clients’ satisfaction and success in the real estate market.


So Chic Home Designs, based in Indianapolis, is a full-service boutique firm offering interior decorating, cosmetic redesign, and real-estate staging services. Catering to discerning clients, the firm excels in creatively interpreting clients’ design aesthetics for both personal and professional spaces. Whether the project involves a refresh, a full renovation, or a complete new build, So Chic Home Designs aims to partner with clients to ensure investments reflect their unique lifestyle needs. Specializing in home staging, the firm works closely with realtors and homeowners, adapting to specific requirements to enhance property appeal. Led by Hope and her team, So Chic Home Designs is committed to designing interiors that not only reflect the client’s identity and lifestyle but also transform spaces into chic environments that clients can call their sanctuary. Their approach is centered on understanding and translating client desires into stunning, functional designs that elevate the everyday living experience.


James Rae Designs, an Indianapolis-based design firm, excels in home staging and interior design, serving real estate professionals, builders, and homeowners seeking thoughtfully curated and beautifully constructed spaces. They offer a range of services tailored to both vacant and occupied homes, aiming to showcase the space’s fullest potential. For vacant home staging, they create inviting environments that help buyers envision the home’s possibilities. Occupied home staging includes high, medium, and low budget options for redesigning lived-in spaces, making it easier for homeowners to refresh and sell their properties. James Rae Designs also provides comprehensive design-build services, assisting clients from the selection of building materials to the final finishing touches, ensuring a seamless design process from concept to completion. Additionally, they specialize in setting up AirBnB properties, creating memorable experiences for guests, and offer consultation services for homeowners seeking professional guidance or advice. This firm is known for its ability to transform spaces into James Rae designed environments, emphasizing hassle-free solutions within the client’s budget.


Decorating Den Interiors – Clark Team Designs, led by Rebekah Clark, is the largest in-home decorating service in the Hamilton/Madison county area, offering a comprehensive approach to residential and small business design. With over two decades of experience, Rebekah started her company with the mentorship of her mother, building a business that now includes a design team dedicated to reflecting each client’s true self through interior design. The team specializes in a wide range of design needs, from residential projects, no matter the size, to small business designs including insurance offices, dentist offices, and local businesses, extending to small commercial spaces like colleges, schools, restaurants, and more. They offer the convenience of coming directly to clients with a vast supplier network, ensuring personalized service in the comfort of the client’s home. Decorating Den Interiors emphasizes a passion-driven approach to design, focusing on making each project a unique reflection of the client’s personality and lifestyle, while also serving the broader Hamilton/Madison County areas including Noblesville, Carmel, Zionsville, and surrounding locations.


Tiann Coy Designs, founded by Tiann Coy with over forty years of experience in interior design, offers comprehensive design services across Indiana. Specializing in both commercial and residential projects, Tiann has worked with a diverse range of clients, including financial institutions, law firms, universities, libraries, major corporations, and homeowners. The firm’s portfolio includes new constructions, remodels, home updates, historic renovations, and contemporary dwellings. Tiann Coy Designs is adept at handling various aspects of interior design, from space planning and finish selections to color palette development and window treatment design and installation. Starting her own firm over four decades ago to be more involved in the design process, Tiann has built a broad client base and diversified her projects to include both commercial spaces and residential homes. Her commitment to meeting every client’s expectations, regardless of the project size or style, underscores her dedication to transforming spaces into beautiful, functional environments.


Totem Interiors is a full-service home renovation business that collaborates closely with clients to fulfill all their improvement needs, aiming to deliver the ultimate vision for their space. They pride themselves on their work ethic, innovative design eye, and commitment to client satisfaction. Totem Interiors offers a range of services including interior design, interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, and updates to countertops and flooring. Beyond providing renovation services, Totem Interiors is also dedicated to teaching clients custom, beautiful, and timeless restoration techniques through workshops. These workshops are designed to impart practical hands-on skills for repurposing furniture, utilizing the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. The business also features a shop where clients can purchase CHALK PAINT® by Annie Sloan, brushes, tools, finishing products, home decor, and restored furniture. Totem Interiors is celebrated by its clients for being helpful, full of great ideas, and knowledgeable about home improvement projects, offering both products and services that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of living spaces.


Eye4Design offers a wide range of interior design services, aiming to make good design accessible to everyone. Based in Indianapolis, IN, they provide full-service design and project management for both new constructions and renovations, as well as design consultations that can range from finish selections to creating construction schedules for clients to manage their projects. Additionally, they offer real estate staging services, including full-service staging or hourly consultations, and eDesign services, which allow clients to furnish their homes or properties for sale remotely, at a fraction of the cost of full-service options.

With over two decades of experience in the Interior Design and Real Estate industries, the team at Eye4Design is committed to leveraging their expertise to meet client needs. They operate on a client needs-based format, requiring an understanding of the client’s goals and vision to provide tailored assistance. The process to engage their services starts with contacting the team through a ‘Get Started’ form, followed by a project questionnaire and a discussion to set up project details. Eye4Design emphasizes value, customization, and client satisfaction in creating the spaces clients dream of.


House Seven Design, based in Indianapolis, IN, offers a range of interior design services under the leadership of its team. The firm focuses on providing personalized design solutions that cater to the specific needs and tastes of its clients. Their services encompass a broad spectrum of interior design projects, emphasizing collaboration with clients to bring their vision to life. The company prides itself on a client-centric approach, ensuring each project reflects the unique style and preferences of the homeowner.

While specific details about their services, such as project types and design philosophies, are not extensively detailed in the provided content, House Seven Design encourages potential clients to hire their team or book a consultation to discuss project goals and requirements. This approach suggests a tailored service model, where the design process is closely aligned with the client’s expectations and lifestyle needs. Additionally, House Seven Design’s commitment to communication and client engagement is evident in their invitation for website visitors to sign up for updates on new blog posts, projects, and other relevant information, indicating an active and ongoing relationship with their audience.


Morrissey Design + Build, formerly known as Jordan Morrissey Interior Design, represents a comprehensive approach to interior design and construction services. The firm, embracing both design and build aspects, indicates a holistic method to transforming spaces, suggesting they offer services from initial design concepts through to the construction and finishing touches of a project. While specific services and project types are not detailed in the provided content, the inclusion of a team and a process-oriented approach suggests that Morrissey Design + Build is structured to handle a wide range of design and construction projects, ensuring consistency and quality from start to finish.

The mention of paint guides as part of their services indicates a focus on detailed aspects of design, potentially offering clients guidance on color schemes and finishes that best suit their spaces. The firm’s commitment to keeping clients informed and engaged is highlighted by the invitation to subscribe to their newsletter for news and updates, emphasizing a desire to maintain a connection with their audience and perhaps share insights, trends, and project showcases.


Home & Willow Design specializes in transforming clients’ spaces into their envisioned sanctuaries by understanding their needs, creating a vision, and bringing it to life. Recognizing that feeling overwhelmed is a common challenge for their clients, they offer a range of services designed to make the interior design process as seamless and accessible as possible. Their services include Designer for a Day, The Willow Signature, Color Selections, and Construction & Renovation Selections, all aimed at empowering clients to make their house a home.

Testimonials highlight Stacy’s professionalism, exceptional taste, and ability to execute stunning home projects, showcasing her skill in making every detail a reality. Clients praise the transformation of their spaces into cohesive, comfortable, yet stylish homes, noting Stacy’s expertise in blending their ideas with her design knowledge. Home & Willow Design’s approach is flexible and client-centered, focusing on building unique and beautiful spaces that resonate with homeowners and their guests alike. Their blog and newsletter offer insights into their design process and tips for creating a durable, timeless home environment, emphasizing their commitment to solving interior design challenges creatively.


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