JY Design, based in Urbandale, Iowa, focuses on creating comfortable spaces tailored to busy lives, highlighting their commitment to designing interiors that balance aesthetics with functionality. They are currently noting furniture lead times of 6-8 weeks and encourage appointments to be scheduled for personal design consultations. JY Design also offers a VIP Furniture Care Plan, which includes a 5-Year Warranty, showcasing their dedication to customer service and product quality. While specific details about their design services are not provided in the extracted text, the emphasis on comfort and the mention of their VIP plan suggest a client-centered approach, ensuring not just design excellence but also long-term satisfaction and care for their furnishings. Their contact information and physical address in Urbandale, IA, are prominently displayed, inviting potential clients to connect directly with the designers, Julie and Shelby, for personalized design services.


The ALT Design Studio, based in Des Moines, Iowa, offers a comprehensive range of interior design services, including home staging, remodeling design, new construction design, commercial design, and Airbnb design. They emphasize a collaborative design process, working closely with clients from planning to completion to ensure projects are as unique as the individuals they serve. ALT Design Studio specializes in creating spaces that reflect their clients’ needs and styles, whether it’s for residential new homes, commercial workspaces, or enhancing Airbnb properties to attract more guests. They understand the importance of eliminating guesswork, keeping projects on schedule, and delivering exceptional results across all price ranges. Their approach to each project is customized, offering personalized service that extends from onboarding to installation, with a team dedicated to going above and beyond for every client. ALT Design Studio’s goal is to not only create outstanding designs but also to instill confidence in clients about their home projects, providing a variety of service packages tailored to fit different needs and budgets.


Wild Rose Interiors, offering full-service residential design, excels in crafting interiors that are classic, collected, and modern. Located in Des Moines, Iowa, they specialize in translating client visions into livable and enduring spaces. Their design services range from room refreshes and “Design On Your Time” consultations to full-service design for both construction and furniture projects. Client testimonials commend Wild Rose Interiors for professionalism, creativity, and budget-consciousness. Deb, the designer behind Wild Rose Interiors, is praised for her ability to listen to client needs, offer creative solutions, and steer projects towards beautiful outcomes within budget. Clients from various states, including Illinois and Texas, have lauded the transformation of their spaces through Deb’s guidance, highlighting her talent in color selection, fixture choice, and furniture arrangement. Wild Rose Interiors is recognized for its ability to meet deadlines, access to great vendors, and for creating spaces that reflect personalized style, whether it’s a modern farmhouse, contemporary glamour, or modern country aesthetic.


Interior Perfection, located in Cedar Rapids, IA, and led by the visionary Kennon Springer, offers professional interior design services and a curated home store. The firm caters to clients looking for room makeovers, remodels, or whole home designs, providing an array of fine furniture, textiles, and décor through their Home Store. Additionally, their Design Centré offers full-service interior design for new constructions, remodels, and other projects, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive approach to transforming living spaces. Interior Perfection’s emphasis on quality and perfection aims to turn homes into sanctuaries, reflecting the unique tastes and lifestyles of their clients. With a team ready to assist at every turn, Interior Perfection positions itself as a destination for those seeking to elevate their home environment with exquisite collections and expert design services.


iDesign Inside, led by Michelle with over 25 years of experience in commercial, residential, and retail design, specializes in transforming spaces with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to outstanding design regardless of budget. Located in Des Moines, the firm offers services in interior finishes, space planning, and decor. Michelle’s approach to interior finishes involves selecting the right flooring, cabinets, tile, and paint to enhance a home’s style and resale value. In space planning, she collaborates with contractors to ensure new builds or renovations are seamless, coordinating everything from fixtures to lighting. Additionally, Michelle takes on the task of selecting and installing decor, aiming to alleviate the overwhelming process for clients by fitting their style and budget perfectly.

Clients praise Michelle for her ability to deliver simple yet elegant designs and for transforming their spaces into something they love. Her extensive experience and meticulous attention to detail make her an ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive design service that covers all aspects of creating their dream home.


Interiors By Design, located in Dubuque, IA, showcases an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and expert craftsmanship in home finishing. The company offers a broad range of products and services, including flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and resilient), Amish cabinetry, stone and laminate countertops, custom and Norwalk furniture, Amish dining sets, bedding, and accent furniture for new-build or remodeling needs. They pride themselves on quality products at great prices, coupled with uncompromising customer service, a legacy upheld since Dave Tranel opened the showroom doors 30 years ago.

A unique aspect of Interiors By Design is their “Hero’s” Initiative, developed to give back to the community by benefiting essential healthcare workers with better sleep solutions during challenging times. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication not only to the craft of interior design but also to their community’s wellbeing. Their showroom offers a wide selection of quality custom cabinets, working closely with clients from design to installation to ensure satisfaction. With advancements in laminate flooring and a commitment to providing the latest technology and styles, Interiors By Design positions itself as a leader in home interior solutions, backed by a history of giving and community involvement.


BY DESIGN, located in Clive, IA, offers a unique blend of custom furniture and interior design services aimed at creating personal and perfect rooms for their clients. Their approach to interior design begins with understanding the client’s lifestyle and dreams, involving them in a design conversation to ensure the envisioned space reflects their personality and needs. BY DESIGN’s offerings include custom furniture, where clients can choose from incredible fabrics, leathers, rich wood tones, and decorative details, along with unique accents like lighting, rugs, wall art, pillows, and accessories to add texture, life, and individuality to each room.

The store is dedicated to engaging clients in the design process, from touching fabrics and sharing images to crafting a vision and a plan for their perfect room. They emphasize the importance of great rooms using custom furniture and unique accents to anchor the room in style. BY DESIGN also shares insights on interior design features and trends, offering guidance on incorporating rich dark blues, cozying up spaces for fall and winter, and following top interior design influencers for inspiration. Their mission and goal revolve around helping clients create spaces that are not only beautiful but also intimately connected to their way of living.


Meghan Blum Interiors, based in Des Moines, stands out as the city’s premier design firm, offering sophisticated, tailored, and unique interior design solutions. Founded by Meghan Blum, the firm is celebrated for its polished and livable interiors that perfectly blend classic style with modern sensibilities. MBI is known for incorporating clean lines with striking details, skillfully bridging the gap between high-end design and practical living.

Clients commend Meghan and her team for their exceptional eye for design, color, and detail, as well as their ability to anticipate creative visions while prioritizing client wishes. MBI’s approach is collaborative, adjusting to client needs and changes throughout the project to ensure the final space is not only unique and customized but also comfortable and beautiful. Their commitment to quality and customized detail in every aspect of their work, from furniture to the overall design, is evident in the glowing testimonials from clients like Connie B.

The team at Meghan Blum Interiors takes pride in creating designs that are specifically curated for each individual client, emphasizing a personal touch in every project. This dedication to unique and client-focused design makes Meghan Blum Interiors a recommended choice for those seeking quality interior design services in Des Moines.


Blue Aster, based in Clive, Iowa, is dedicated to creating living spaces inspired by life, serving the greater Des Moines, Ames, and surrounding areas. Their focus on interior design, remodeling, and new construction projects is tailored to enhance the way individuals experience their living environments. While the provided content is brief and lacks detailed descriptions of their services, projects, or design philosophy, the mention of a wide service area including Adel, Altoona, Ankeny, Clive, Cumming, and others suggests a broad reach and commitment to transforming homes across a significant region.

The firm’s emphasis on creating spaces inspired by life indicates a personalized approach to design, likely incorporating the unique lifestyles, preferences, and needs of their clients into each project. For more detailed information about their services, projects, design approach, and client reviews, visiting their website or contacting them directly would provide a deeper insight into how Blue Aster can bring inspiration to various living spaces.


Ready To Shine Design, led by Mandy, focuses on creating interiors that tell the story of who you are and encapsulate what you love. With a deep passion for crafting harmonious spaces, this firm is committed to delivering designs that are not only visually appealing but also meet practical living needs. Offering a wide range of interior design services, Ready To Shine Design caters to both residential and commercial clients, encompassing services such as residential decorating, commercial decorating, space planning, furniture and decor selection, and indoor seasonal design.

The firm prides itself on accommodating various tastes and preferences, ensuring that each project is personalized to reflect the client’s unique style and requirements. Testimonials, like that from Robin P., highlight Mandy’s ability to transform any space with top-notch service and innovative ideas. Ready To Shine Design invites potential clients to schedule an initial consultation to explore how they can bring visions to life and make home or office designs truly shine.


Texturious Designs, located in West Des Moines, Iowa, is an award-winning full-service interior design firm renowned for its sophisticated and refined home design approach. The firm offers an effortless design process for clients, specializing in new construction, remodels, and furnishings. They are committed to creating luxurious living experiences through meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and the selection of high-end fixtures and finishes from renowned brands like Sub Zero/Wolf, Kohler, and Cambria.

Texturious Designs prides itself on designing spaces with a refined elegant style, emphasizing custom finishes and exquisite touches that establish an ambiance of distinction and sophistication. Their portfolio showcases projects that redefine luxury living, from state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to opulent bathroom fixtures, ensuring no expense is spared to create a truly luxurious living experience. The firm’s design philosophy focuses on creating spacious and thoughtfully designed floor plans that are conducive to both relaxation and entertaining, with expansive windows that integrate natural light and open, airy atmospheres.

By handling all procurement, purchasing, and installation of furniture and decor, Texturious Designs allows clients to live their lives while the firm works its magic, transforming their living spaces into dream homes. Their approach is personalized, working closely with clients to build their dream home with every detail tailored to their preferences and lifestyle needs.


The Elements, located in Prairie Trail, Ankeny, is both a retail destination and design studio that spans over 8,000 square feet, offering a wide range of interior design services, furnishings, and décor tailored to various lifestyles. The store features custom upholstery, window coverings, wall coverings, flooring, artwork, lighting, bedding, and accessories. With an experienced team of designers, The Elements handles projects of all sizes, from individual pieces to full-scale residential or commercial designs.

Clients have praised The Elements for their exceptional office design services, highlighting the team’s ability to understand unique needs, brand identity, and vision. The designers are commended for their creativity, innovative concepts, and meticulous attention to detail, combining functionality with aesthetics to exceed expectations. Testimonials from clients who have undertaken significant remodeling projects, such as lake homes, express satisfaction with the team’s expertise, creativity, and dedication to realizing their dream spaces. The personalized approach of designers like Michelle and Ryan in executing home remodels, focusing on every detail from paint color to furniture selection, is particularly appreciated for their passion and accommodation to client needs.

The Elements is recommended for those seeking comprehensive design services, underscored by client testimonials that attest to the value of investing in professional design for their homes.


Gwen Parker Interiors is a luxury design firm that showcases projects across the country, with a special focus on Naples, FL, and Chicago, IL. Led by Gwen Parker, the firm is celebrated for pushing the boundaries of creativity in both residential and commercial designs, achieving a unique balance of edgy yet inviting spaces. Gwen’s ability to design spaces that radiate softness through the use of hard lines has been particularly noted by clients, underscoring her talent for blending different elements into cohesive and captivating interiors.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Gwen has been recognized as a top designer, earning several prestigious awards throughout her career. Gwen Parker Interiors offers full-service design solutions, curating the best products for the entire building process. The firm boasts a massive library of furniture, lighting, flooring, decor, and window treatment lines that streamline the design process and are admired by many. Adopting a team-based approach with Gwen at the helm, clients are assured an exciting and enjoyable experience, promising a beautiful future for their spaces.


Hannam Design, based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, is a professional interior design firm led by Megan Hannam. The firm specializes in providing human-centric design and construction solutions that prioritize efficiency and well-being. With a focus on the initial consultation, Hannam Design works closely with clients to understand their needs and vision. Following the consultation, they offer detailed proposals and fee structures, ensuring transparency and alignment with client expectations.

The firm’s portfolio and client testimonials likely reflect their commitment to creating spaces that not only meet the functional needs of their clients but also enhance their overall quality of life. Although specific details about their projects, design approach, or services offered are not extensively detailed in the provided content, Hannam Design’s emphasis on human-centric solutions suggests a personalized and thoughtful approach to interior design and construction.


Moore & Co, based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, distinguishes itself by designing functional and beautiful spaces that integrate seamlessly into everyday life. The firm emphasizes a non-cookie-cutter approach, offering custom design solutions that align with clients’ goals and lifestyle. Moore & Co values a collaborative process, involving clients in every step to ensure the remodeled space truly reflects their preferences and needs. They aim to create timeless solutions, guiding clients towards choices that will make their space feel up-to-date for years to come.

The firm specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, areas known to significantly enhance home resale value, showcasing their expertise in spaces that combine aesthetic appeal with practical utility. Client testimonials, like Kathy’s, highlight the firm’s ability to tackle unique challenges associated with older homes, delivering modern, functional designs that complement the home’s character. Working with Moore & Co is likened to starring in an HGTV show, where clients are actively engaged in transforming their visions into reality, resulting in spaces that not only look beautiful but also enhance their lifestyle.


Jeid Studio, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is a full-service residential interior design firm known for leading projects across the country, including new construction, remodeling, and custom furnishings. Their award-winning process and emphasis on being approachable, candid, innovative, and proactive have set them apart in the interior design industry. Jeid Studio prides itself on serving clients and builders with a commitment to these core values, ensuring that every project is not just a transaction but a partnership.

Client testimonials highlight Jeid Studio’s ability to listen to their needs, stay within budget, and reinvent spaces to reflect the client’s personality. From basement remodels to fully-custom homes, Jeid Studio has been recognized for its ability to bring visions to life, exceeding expectations and fostering a sense of friendship and comfort throughout the design experience. Their approach includes creating mood boards, renderings, and furniture layouts to help clients better visualize their future spaces, bringing expertise and experience to every aspect of their work.

Jeid Studio is currently expanding its team, reflecting its growth and success in the interior design field. They invite clients to subscribe to their email newsletter for updates on blog posts, new projects, and more, promising to provide content that is both informative and inspirational.


Wiles Design Group, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a premier interior design firm offering comprehensive interior and exterior design services for both residential and commercial projects nationwide. Led by Lori with 36 years of experience, the team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, custom designs that impress yet remain functional for living, growing, and loving for years. The firm’s approach, termed “compassionate design,” prioritizes function and wellness, aiming to create spaces where these elements meet seamlessly.

Wiles Design Group offers a 90-minute interior design consultation tailored to specific needs, covering aspects such as paint, furniture placement, or overall design direction. For more involved projects, the consultation includes concept development, space analysis, and project planning, with future services determined at the meeting’s conclusion. Their portfolio showcases a wide range of commercial and residential projects, reflecting the firm’s versatility and commitment to excellence in design.

Operating out of Cedar Rapids, Wiles Design Group serves clients within a 75-mile radius for a consultation fee of $395, with quotes available for those outside this range. The firm specializes in outstanding interior design and remodeling, driven by a passion for reinventing spaces through custom-tailored designs and meticulous project management. Wiles Design Group is recognized for its holistic method and flawless execution, ensuring the realization of clients’ dream spaces.


Staging 515, an elite staging company based in the Des Moines Metro area, specializes in preparing homes for sale with the goal of selling them quickly and for top dollar. Owning an extensive inventory of furnishings and decorations to suit any style, Staging 515 prides itself on creating beautiful and effective atmospheres that elevate homes to excellence. Their services range from initial consultations to full staging, designed to meet every client’s needs comprehensively.

The company’s mission is focused on elevating homes through expert staging techniques that highlight each property’s best features. Staging 515 differentiates itself by offering flexible and efficient staging solutions that cater to various levels of need, whether it’s providing a few key pieces to enhance a space or a complete staging transformation. Their commitment to assisting clients at any level and the effectiveness of their approach are key factors that make Staging 515 a noteworthy choice for those looking to sell their homes in the Des Moines area.

For those interested in utilizing their staging services, Staging 515 invites potential clients to make an appointment and learn more about how they can help sell houses fast and at top dollar.


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