Peace and Pine Designs, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a full-service interior design firm. They specialize in creating accessible and refined spaces. The process involves an initial consultation, digital proposal, and matching with a designer. They consider both aesthetic and functional needs, coordinating purchases and contractors. Their services include large-scale renovations and smaller space refreshes. With strong vendor and contractor partnerships, they aim to provide high-quality services at affordable prices. The firm prides itself on its team’s approachability and attentiveness to client needs, ensuring a stress-free project management experience. Learn more at Peace and Pine Designs.

KP Designs Group, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an acclaimed interior design firm known for creating livable, beautiful spaces tailored to each client’s lifestyle, vision, and character. Their comprehensive and customized interior design services are recognized for incorporating textures and elements that reflect the client’s personality, achieving a balance of elegance and functionality. The firm is female-owned and features an all-female designer team, ensuring a collaborative and personalized approach. They have received numerous awards, including the Houzz “Best of Service and Design” and have been named the “Best Interior Design Firm” by Columbus CEO Magazine. Their process begins with a consultation call, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and a seamless experience from vision to reality. More information is available at KP Designs Group.

The Dayton Society of Interior Designers, located in Dayton, Ohio, is a collaborative community of professional interior designers. It showcases a range of designers, each with their unique style and expertise. The website features a gallery of designers, partner information, and details about professional services offered. It also emphasizes their commitment to education through scholarships. The designers specialize in various styles, ensuring a diverse range of interior design options for clients. More information can be found at Dayton Society of Interior Designers.

Laura of Pembroke, an Ohio-based interior design company, offers sophisticated design services for both residential and commercial spaces. Originally established in 1987 as a women’s boutique in Cleveland, it expanded to include home furnishings and design consulting. They offer a diverse range of high-end design pieces and personalized services, ensuring that each space reflects the client’s personal style and taste. The team, led by Laura Sirpilla Bosworth, is known for their unique blend of European and contemporary design concepts. For more details, visit Laura of Pembroke.

HBM Architects, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in architectural and interior design, particularly for public buildings like libraries. They are renowned for their thoughtful, community-centric designs and offer a wide range of services, including concept design, interior design, programming, planning, sustainable design, and community outreach. Their approach emphasizes engagement and connection to the community’s distinct needs. For more information, visit HBM Architects.

East & Gray Interiors, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a boutique interior design studio known for creating joy-sparking, eco-conscious homes. Founded by Andrea Durcik, the studio specializes in combining personal well-being with social and environmental consciousness. Their design philosophy is about creating unique, vibrant spaces with non-toxic, natural materials and ethical sourcing. They offer comprehensive design services and are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. More details are available at East & Gray Interiors.

S+E Designs, based in Toledo, Ohio, offers interior design services focusing on personalized and creative solutions. They emphasize unique designs tailored to individual client needs, incorporating a blend of contemporary and classic styles. The team’s approach is collaborative, ensuring each project reflects the client’s personality and lifestyle. More information about their services and portfolio can be found at S+E Designs.

Gem and Clay Interior Design, based in Columbus, Ohio, offers a blend of residential and commercial interior design services. They focus on creating interiors that are both beautiful and functional. Their services include space planning, furniture selection, lighting design, and project management. They emphasize designing spaces that reflect individuality and style, tailored to the unique needs of clients in the Columbus area. For more information, visit Gem and Clay Interior Design.

Studio J, located in Central Ohio, offers professional interior design services for various project scopes, including refreshes, redesigns, and remodels. Their team is skilled in a range of styles, from traditional to mid-century modern, and provides consultations, furniture design, art sourcing, and more. They focus on personalizing each project to the client’s unique style and needs. Visit Studio J for more information.

Naturally Country, located in Norwalk, Ohio, offers a range of interior decorating services with a focus on customized design for different decor tastes and occasions. They emphasize customer satisfaction, offering a flexible return policy and personalized solutions. Services include free local delivery, shipping options, and the opportunity to refresh existing decor. Their store hours are Monday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm. For more information, visit Naturally Country.

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