Miya Interiors, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a distinguished interior design firm specializing in full-scale commercial and residential design. Since 2001, they have worked across the United States, collaborating with skilled architects and builders to create high-quality custom designs. Their unique showroom in Salt Lake City features an extensive in-house design library and showcases Miya Interiors’ furniture, lighting, and flooring. The firm offers full-service design and e-design services, tailoring each project to the client’s specific needs and style. They have completed projects in various locations including California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Texas, Ohio, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico. For more information, visit Miya Interiors.

DGE Homes, located in Draper, Utah, offers unique interior design services, particularly for their townhomes and single-family homes. They have a team of professional designers, including Heather Miller (VP of Design), Chelsea Condie, Katie Elliott, and Michelle Meacham, who bring diverse backgrounds and expertise in interior design. The designers focus on creating dream homes by selecting various elements and incorporating personal touches into each space. For more details about their services and designers, visit EDGE Homes.

Studio McGee, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a renowned interior design firm and lifestyle brand led by Shea McGee. They specialize in creating classic and balanced spaces that resonate with modern sensibilities. The firm offers full-service and virtual design services, catering to a wide range of projects from residential to commercial. Their portfolio showcases diverse styles, reflecting their expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Studio McGee also features in various media, highlighting their influence in the design industry. For more information, visit Studio McGee.

EDIT DESIGN House, located in Bountiful, Utah, offers comprehensive interior design services that change lives through thoughtful design. They specialize in creating spaces that evoke emotions and fit clients’ lifestyles. The team at EDIT DESIGN House, led by Stacie Graves, focuses on various aspects of design, including accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics. They also emphasize compliance with safety and building regulations. Their expertise extends to designing luxurious bathrooms, senior living communities, and vacation homes, ensuring each space is comfortable, inviting, and functional. For more details, visit EDIT DESIGN House.

Meagan Rae Interiors, based in Draper, Utah, offers a range of interior design services including full home and office designs, single room projects, interior consulting, and e-design. They specialize in creating comfortable, welcoming spaces for both residential and commercial clients. Their services extend beyond Utah, reaching clients in various locations. The firm also focuses on lighting design, emphasizing the importance of creating the right atmosphere in any space. For more information, visit Meagan Rae Interiors.

EDIT DESIGN House, situated in Bountiful, Utah, offers a wide range of interior design services. They specialize in transforming spaces in a way that reflects clients’ individual needs and styles. The process includes initial consultations, detailed proposals, and project execution, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive design experience. Their services cover various aspects like custom lighting, furniture selection, and new build designs. They serve areas across Utah, focusing on places like Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Park City, Liberty, and Eden. For more details, visit EDIT DESIGN House.

Remedy Design Firm, based in Springville, Utah, is an interior design firm specializing in creating custom homes with character and charm. They focus on crafting visually stunning and inviting spaces tailored to each family’s lifestyle and taste. The firm emphasizes quality and collaboration in each project, ensuring unique and personalized designs. They offer services in various locations throughout Utah. For more information, visit Remedy Design Firm.

San Francisco Design, located in Utah, offers modern and contemporary furniture for homes and offices. They specialize in professional interior design services and e-design virtual interior design services, catering to clients in Salt Lake City and Park City. Their showrooms feature a selection of unique high-end, luxury modern home furniture and contemporary decor. They aim to create stylish, warm, and inviting spaces through their contemporary designs. For more information, visit San Francisco Design.

Eclectic Design Co., based in Utah, specializes in interior and exterior design for new construction and remodels. They offer full-service design, DIY help, and hourly design options, ensuring that each project reflects the client’s style and taste. The company also engages in a non-profit initiative, taking on pro bono projects annually to aid individuals and families in need. For more information, visit Eclectic Design Co..

House West Design is an interior design firm based in St. George, Utah, co-founded by Yvonne and Nichole. They offer full-service design, e-design services, and are known for creating stylish and functional spaces. Their work includes a variety of projects, and they also maintain a blog discussing interior design trends and ideas. For more information on their services and portfolio, visit House West Design.

Ali Henrie Design, located in Utah, is a full-service interior design studio known for creating timeless, personal, and functional homes. They emphasize classic style and practicality in their designs, working closely with clients to achieve spaces that blend aesthetics and utility. For more information on their services and approach, visit Ali Henrie Design.

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