Terri Nichols Design, with over 25 years of experience in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, offers a wide range of interior design services across the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in both residential and commercial design, their offerings include paint color consultation, virtual design and paint consultations, furniture sourcing, landscape design consultation, Airbnb optimization, and event decorating. The firm prides itself on creating individualized styles through the use of light, color, texture, and pattern, catering to a variety of styles such as mid-century, minimalistic, and eclectic-chic. Visit Terri Nichols Design

Fitch Design Company, an award-winning interior architecture and design firm based in Everett and Seattle, Washington, specializes in transforming dreams into reality by creating functional, stylish homes. They focus on client-driven design, employing a responsive approach and utilizing a trusted network of suppliers, vendors, and contractors. With services that range from kitchen remodels to complete home renovations, Fitch Design Company emphasizes detailed planning and 3-D rendering to ensure projects meet clients’ visions while being economically feasible. Visit Fitch Design Company

Northlight Interiors, located in Sumner, WA, has been creating custom interior designs since 2008, focusing on reflecting clients’ lifestyles and personalities. They offer a range of services, including consultations for both existing homes and new constructions, with expertise in surface selection, kitchen and bath design, lighting, and furniture. Beyond design services, Northlight Interiors operates a boutique store showcasing products that complement their design ethos. The firm emphasizes creating unique spaces that enhance daily living, fostering enjoyment and beauty. Visit Northlight Interiors

Center Peace Interior Design, based in Tacoma, Washington, offers residential and commercial interior design services focusing on peace and functionality. With an emphasis on creating spaces that align with clients’ wants and needs, they provide staging, styling, and design services aimed at achieving a serene and beautiful environment. The firm values simplicity, practicality, and beauty in design, ensuring each project is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Listening closely to client goals and collaborating throughout the design process are key to their approach. Visit Center Peace Interior Design

Poetically Featured Properties in Seattle specializes in connecting house and human through home staging and interior design, aiming to transform houses into homes that evoke a desire to linger. Offering services to a wide range of clients including real estate brokers, home sellers, and investors, they specialize in various design styles such as mid-century modern, contemporary, and luxury. They pride themselves on quick turnarounds, flexible staging packages, and a track record of enhancing property sales. Visit Poetically Featured Properties

Elegant Simplicity, founded in 2009 in Seattle, is a unique blend of interior design and professional organizing firm. They focus on creating homes that embody their mantra: “A Home With Everything You Need + Nothing More®”. Their approach is holistic, aiming not just to design spaces but to organize them in a way that reflects the client’s lifestyle, values, and personality. They offer a variety of services, including design consultations, full-service design, and organizing memberships, emphasizing a transformational journey rather than a one-time makeover. Visit Elegant Simplicity

TANNA BY DESIGN, founded by Tanna Edler, focuses on making interior design effortless for clients in Yakima, WA, and beyond. They offer full service design, specialty consultations, and virtual design services. The firm is celebrated for its ability to bring ease and happiness into homes through design, emphasizing the connection between a well-designed home and improved well-being. Their portfolio showcases a range of styles, with a particular strength in modern farmhouse aesthetics. Visit TANNA BY DESIGN

RD Interiors is a Seattle-based firm specializing in home staging and interior design, focusing on creating spaces that resonate emotionally with buyers and homeowners alike. They aim to craft experiences that change how spaces are perceived, emphasizing aesthetics that inspire imagination and add value. Their portfolio demonstrates a commitment to designing compelling homes, highlighting their expertise in elevating real estate merchandising to attract top-tier buyers and offering beautiful, technical solutions for personalized spaces. Visit RD Interiors

Kate Savitch Design is a Seattle-area boutique interior design studio offering services nationwide. They provide a wide range of services, including updates to furniture, room remodels, and designs for custom builds. Their approach is personalized, aiming to reimagine spaces through a blend of new builds, renovations, and furniture updates, catering to clients who seek a boutique firm’s touch. They are known for their ability to listen to clients’ desires and deliver creative, functional design solutions. Visit Kate Savitch Design

Inner Space Designs, based in Seattle, specializes in integrating clients’ travels and treasures into customized spaces that reflect their lifestyles and personalities. With over 20 years of experience, they offer services ranging from room refreshes to full-scale remodels and new builds. The firm is committed to maintaining the integrity of design plans, supported by a professional team. Inner Space Designs also participates in the West Seattle Art Walk, showcasing diverse artworks and offering design inspiration. Visit Inner Space Designs

Seattle Staged to Sell is a boutique-style design studio in Seattle, renowned for its award-winning home staging and interior design services. They’ve earned recognition for their premium designs and exceptional service, having won Best of Design & Service awards from Houzz for nine consecutive years. The firm is dedicated to transforming spaces to resonate with buyers, showcasing a comprehensive portfolio that highlights their expertise in staging and interior design. They pride themselves on trendsetting designs and world-class client care, ensuring a supportive journey for their clients. Visit Seattle Staged to Sell

rb.by.design is an Edmonds, WA-based interior design studio serving the greater Seattle area, focusing on a fresh approach to design across residential, commercial, and mixed-use spaces. They emphasize active listening, thoughtful recommendations, and detailed planning to execute clients’ visions efficiently. The studio prides itself on transparency, communication, and expertise in interior building codes, materials, and project management, ensuring projects reflect clients’ budgets and styles while meeting deadlines. Visit rb.by.design

K. Peterson Design, located in Bellevue, WA, specializes in creating stylish and comfortable interiors that blend modern and timeless elements. Principal designer Krissy Peterson focuses on incorporating personal stories and styles into each project, ensuring spaces not only look beautiful but also resonate with the occupants’ lives. The studio is known for its thoughtful design process, emphasizing the creation of spaces that facilitate living, memory-making, and celebration. Visit K. Peterson Design

Bellingham Bay Interior Designs, based in Bellingham, WA since 2001, specializes in creating spaces that blend aesthetics personally tailored to homeowners. They have a passion for design, evident in every project they undertake, from commercial spaces like offices and cafes to residential interiors. Their design philosophy extends to home staging, aiming for a high-end model home look to maximize resale value. The firm’s extensive experience and commitment to design ensure each space not only meets but surpasses client expectations. Visit Bellingham Bay Interior Designs

The Phinery is a Seattle-based interior design firm that specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, home furnishings and decor projects, and paint color selection. They cater to busy homeowners, aiming to simplify the design process while ensuring projects of all sizes are completed to high standards. The firm also features a home store carrying a curated selection of unique furniture and decor, and offers custom fabrication services for bench seat cushions, pillows, and draperies. Visit The Phinery

Nuance Interior Design, led by Sarah Walker in Bellevue, WA, offers luxurious, sustainable design for over 20 years. Specializing in custom new constructions and large renovations, they prioritize creativity, collaboration, and client communication. Their full-service studio and showroom facilitate an innovative design process, emphasizing ease, beauty, and wellness. With extensive experience and formal training, Sarah Walker is a leading authority in luxury design, focusing on intentional, mindful living to elevate clients’ quality of life. Visit Nuance Interior Design

Signature Interiors & Design partners with builders to offer customized selection and installation programs, ensuring a positive personalization experience for new home buyers. They pride themselves on experience, professionalism, and ensuring timely project completion without delays due to product availability. Their showroom, available by appointment, showcases carefully selected products based on value, quality, and design, aiming to offer the best value for clients’ budgets. Visit Signature Interiors & Design

One Day Design, an award-winning Seattle interior design studio featured on HGTV, offers services including room decorating, kitchen and bath fixture selection, paint color consultation, and eDesign. They focus on creating stylish, functional, and comfortable spaces tailored to clients’ tastes and project goals, treating every project as their own. Their services are designed to transform any space into a welcoming home. Visit One Day Design

Michelle Dirkse Interior Design, based in Seattle, offers a distinctive approach that integrates custom textiles and bold designs into residential projects. Their services include full interior design, renovation, and custom textile design, highlighting their commitment to creating unique, personal spaces. The studio’s work is characterized by a deep appreciation for texture, pattern, and color, with a portfolio that showcases a wide range of styles, from contemporary to vintage-inspired spaces. Visit Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

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