Tampa interior designer Christina gives a tour of her home and showcases her recent projects in a series titled “Road to 1000.” The episode offers viewers a look at her design approach and the functional aesthetics of her home, including tips and insights into interior design.

In another episode from the “Road to 1000” series, Christina from Tampa showcases her chic home design. The video gives a detailed walkthrough of her stylish and functional living spaces, emphasizing her unique design philosophy and skills.

This video addresses common questions about hiring interior designers for home remodels, specifically in the context of working alongside contractors, providing viewers with reasons why a designer can add value to renovation projects.

A Tampa-based interior designer shares tips on how to adapt home workspaces amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on maintaining productivity and comfort in a home office setting.

Celebrity interior designer and TV host Cathy Hobbs shares expert advice on home staging, focusing on techniques that enhance the appeal of homes for sale, drawing from her extensive experience in interior design and staging.

This video offers a day-in-the-life perspective of an interior designer, providing insights into the various stages of project design, from initial consultations to the final touches that bring a space to life.

Celebrity interior designer Cathy Hobbs reveals home staging secrets, emphasizing the importance of aesthetic appeal in real estate through effective design and styling techniques.

This video captures the creative dynamics between an architect and an interior designer on a specific project, showcasing the collaboration and design process that enhances project outcomes.

JWK DESIGN offers guidance on how to select the right professionals for architectural and interior design projects, discussing how to assess and choose qualified designers and architects.

Andrew from Euphoric Designs discusses the unique roles and skills of interior designers compared to decorators, highlighting the professional expertise designers bring to home renovation projects.

KRM Design Group is a leading full-service interior design firm based in Tampa and Orlando, specializing in luxury residential projects across central Florida. The firm’s commitment to creating timeless, comfortable spaces tailored to each client’s needs and style is evident in their approach to both new construction and renovation projects. With a focus on residential design, KRM Design Group works closely with clients to ensure every aspect of the design process, from initial planning to final installation, reflects the client’s vision and lifestyle. Their portfolio showcases a variety of featured projects such as Sapphire Point, Lakewood Ranch, and Trinidad Bay, highlighting their versatility and skill in transforming spaces into elegant, functional environments. Clients like John and Janet praise KRM for their professionalism, attention to detail, and the enjoyable process of working together on design projects.


Sibella Court, an esteemed interior designer, shares her professional insights during a Virtual Open Day event hosted by Billy Blue College of Design. She provides valuable advice on design aesthetics, sourcing materials, and the importance of personal style in interior design.

Robin Wilson, an interior designer, showcases her workday on The Approved Home Pro Show, providing a glimpse into the variety of tasks she manages, from client meetings to site visits, highlighting the diverse aspects of a career in interior design.

Tasha Rode takes viewers along on a day in her life as an interior designer. The video covers a home staging consultation and shopping for decor, and she explains how effective staging can increase a home’s market value.

Karen Post, a Tampa interior designer, shares creative ideas for enhancing outdoor living spaces on WFLA Daytime, focusing on transforming bland backyards into beautiful and functional areas.

Susie Coughlin, a talented interior designer, is featured in a property tour video where she discusses her design process and showcases her work on a recent project, providing insights into effective interior design strategies.

An interior designer gives a tour of Yukon Residences, discussing the design elements of the townhomes and garden flats in this Westside Vancouver development, emphasizing functional yet stylish living spaces.

Giulia, an interior designer, shares a quick tip on choosing fascia colors to enhance the exterior appearance of homes, demonstrating how small changes can significantly impact the overall aesthetic.

Angelyn Wong from Rezt & Relax Interior introduces her services and discusses the comprehensive approach her firm takes to interior design and client projects.

Ula Burgiel explains the distinctions between home decorators and interior designers, emphasizing the education and certification necessary to become a professional interior designer.

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